Industry 4.0 and possibilities for sensors (IIoT)

In this article we look at perhaps the most popular industrial term recently: Industry 4.0. Firstly, we discuss: "What is industry 4.0?". Then an overview is given of the opportunities and threats that this development brings with it.

With industry 4.0, production processes and entire facilities are given a digital presence. Every component and every subsystem becomes digitally accessible. The goal: more accessibility and further automation. The same trend is occurring within sensors. More sensors are being developed with IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) in mind.

Why industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 brings together sensors, industrial networks and advanced digital infrastructure. A comparison can be made with the human body. The sensors are the senses in this. These are attached to machines, which you can think of as the limbs. Industry 4.0 adds a crucial component with the help of AI: the brain.

By linking a smart system behind the production process, the advantages of industry 4.0 are used:

Complete overview

To enrich the connectivity of sensors with industry 4.0 more insights can be collected. Wireless, realtime and smart. With a wireless connectivity sensors can deliver data without wiring and at the exact moment of the observation. When this data arrives in a central dashboard and is analyzed with smart algorithms new possibilities will arise. By analyzing calculations and history with data the system itself delivers advice for preventive maintenance. In the same way potential problems are anticipated so fast interventions are possible.  

Efficiency and yield in production

With smart data and good analysis processes can be more efficient. This efficiency can be noticed in the performance of sustainable maintenance by keeping track of the efficiency of sensors. If a smart sensor is mounted at a water tank for a level measurement and monitoring - with algorithms this can be made more efficient. This way, water levels and times are analyzed to determine the best refill moments. This way recources can also be planned and used efficiently.

Remote monitoring

With the rise of wireless components and networks, it is no longer a fantasy to monitor and adjust business processes from another building or even another city.

Wireless level measurements with industry 4.0 and radar

Radar technology is often expensive and complex. Yet there are options where radar technology meet industry 4.0, wireless connectivity and an affordable price. This is the description of the radar sensor for level measurements from Staal Instruments. The possibilities which this sensor in combination with industry 4.0 offers are as follows: 

Wireless level measurement

De level radar sensor WLR05-2G/001 van Staal Instruments die industrie 4.0 ready is

WLR05-2G/001 is the most accurate and cost-effective wireless level measurement system on the market, using Staal Instruments' own radar technology. The integrated battery has a service life of up to 5 years. This makes the sensor usable in almost all industries and applications.

Real-time insights

Voorbeeld van hoe het SenZ2 portal eruit ziet voor inzicht met industrie 4.0
The secure online cloud platform provides useful information to all users that have access. This allows full control of business processes with real-time alerts, trend analysis, adaptive planning and reporting.

Worldwide connectivity

Abstracte weergave voor industrie 4.0 connectiviteit
The modular design of Staal Instruments offers the most reliable connectivity solution. Depending on the application and location of the wireless measurement systee 2G (GSM) or 4G (LTE-M) networks are used.

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