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Staal Instruments is passionate about radar technology and even more about the latest developments. Radar technology has the potential to shake up the entire fill level sensor market. Staal Instruments supplies cost-efficient level measurement sensors as well as information about critical production processes to improve these. The combination of the energy-efficient and high-precision radar measurement technology combined with global IoT connectivity and cloud-based artificial intelligence forms a strong mix that enables innovation in a wide range of industrial applications.

Radar made simple!

Staal Instruments is een fabrikant van radarniveausensoren met een eigen gepatenteerde mmWave radar-on-chip (RoC)technologie. Deze radarchip maakt zeer nauwkeurige niveaubewaking op afstand mogelijk voor chemicaliën, vloeistoffen, oliën, smeermiddelen, brandstoffen, water en afvalwater.

Because the energy-efficient radar chip, this level sensor works completely standalone on batteries. With Staal, we proudly serve a rapidly growing global customer base that demands user-friendly, reliable level measurements at a competitive price point.

The solution for...

... the pricy and complex radar technology for level measurements in the market. Staal Instruments provides a solution: affordable radar technology to measure levels of all types of liquids and other materials from a wide range of industries. Because of these sensors, you or your customers can take level measurements accurately and reliably with radar – even remotely. Enter the possibilities of Industry 4.0!

Advantages of choosing radar sensors from Staal

Grip on processes at multiple locations

StaalCloud app van Staal Instruments - met tanks over de kaart verspreid om de radarmetingen te volgen!

The latest liquid level updates, from all your tanks, at your fingertips. With the radar technology of Staal, the level measurements are delivered with the highest accuracy and reliability.

AI-based optimalization of processes

Staal Instruments app met een overzicht van de waarden van verschillende radarsensoren.

Stay informed and monitor all locations in real time. Check that the tanks are empty or that there is already enough capacity to fill them. All radar sensors automatically report locations and tank volumes to the Staal Cloud.

Very accurate measurements

StaalCloud desktop app van Staal Instruments om radarsensoren en niveaumetingen uitgebreid te monitoren

StaalCloud provides detailed graphs of all volume and level measurements. The long-term history of all your tanks is safely stored and always within reach for (trend) analyzes.

In the know - always and everywhere

De radarsensoren kunnen worden gemonitord en bestuurd via ieder device

StaalCloud is accessible from any device. The dynamic layout of the StaalCloud enables all employees to keep track of stocks in the field and to respond proactively to alerts and customer needs.

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