FLIR 1-day training architectural thermography

This 1-day training is developed for those that want to commit to architectural inspections.

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Content training: Architectural thermography

The training starts with the different ways of heat transfer in relation to architectural constructions. Humidity, thermal bridges, thermal slowness, isolation problems and air leaks are discussed and are explained using practical examples. After that, we will show you how you need to set up the camera manually to be able to visualise flaws that are normally remain invisible. Your report will therefore be a valuable overview of the inspection with the correct judgement and advise for your customer.

During this 1-day, practical course you will learn?

  • To recognise the most frequent flaws in thermal patterns;
  • To capture a good thermal image taking into account the measurement circumstances and the settings of the camera;
  • To interpret the thermal image and to prevent thereby the most made mistakes;
  • To judge thermal image with the help of the NEN-EN13187;
  • To clearly report the results.

What previous education do I need?

For participating in this course you do need to have knowledge about:

  • Heat transfer;
  • Infrared radiation: transmission, emission and reflection;
  • Determining emissivity and T-reflected

When you have followed the course Basic thermography or Level l thermography, you will have the required basic knowledge. In case you do not have this knowledge, we advise you to first follow the course Basic thermography .

Who gives this course?

All our trainers are level lll certified thermographs with years of experience in thermal inspection. They already teach in thermography for more than ten years at home and abroad. With about 500 people applying per year, 90% of all dutch speaking thermographs are teached by one of our trainers.