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The Calex ExTempMini is a two-piece pyrometer with a sensor head in a stainless steel miniature housing and an aluminium manual suited in a hazardous environment (ATEX). The sensor head of the ExTempMini is capable to measure temperatures contactless in applications with a high ambient temperature up to 180°C and has furthermore a two wired 4-20 mA output. The pyrometer meets the ATEX, IECEx, JapanEx and UKCA standards.

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The Calex ExTempMini is an infrared sensor for an explosive environment. Suited for ATEX zone 0, 1 & 2. Calex ExTemp sensors have a 4 - 20 mA output, 8 to 14 μm spectral response, a stainless steel 316 housing sealed to IP65 and are fully configurable via an optional USB adapter or the RS-485 network interface. All models have an adjustable temperature range (-20°C – 1000°C).

ModelTemperature rangeSpot ratioConnection
EXM8-21-LT-5-20°C – 100°C2:15 m. Fixed cable
EXM8-21-LT-10-20°C – 100°C2:110 m. fixed cable
EXM8-21-LT-25-20°C – 100°C2:125 m. fixed cable
EXM8-201-LT-5-20°C – 100°C20:15 m. Fixed cable
EXM8-201-LT-10-20°C – 100°C20:110 m. fixed cable
EXM8-201-LT-25-20°C – 100°C20:125 m. fixed cable
EXM8-21-MT-50°C – 250°C2:15 m. Fixed cable
EXM8-21-MT-100°C – 250°C2:110 m. fixed cable
EXM8-21-MT-250°C – 250°C2:125 m. fixed cable
EXM8-201-MT-50°C – 250°C20:15 m. Fixed cable
EXM8-201-MT-100°C – 250°C20:110 m. fixed cable
EXM8-201-MT-250°C – 250°C20:125 m. fixed cable
EXM8-21-HT-50°C – 500°C2:15 m. Fixed cable
EXM8-21-HT-100°C – 500°C2:110 m. fixed cable
EXM8-21-HT-250°C – 500°C2:125 m. fixed cable
EXM8-201-HT-50°C – 500°C20:15 m. Fixed cable
EXM8-201-HT-100°C – 500°C20:110 m. fixed cable
EXM8-201-HT-250°C – 500°C20:125 m. fixed cable
EXM8-21-XT-50°C – 1000°C2:15 m. Fixed cable
EXM8-21-XT-100°C – 1000°C2:110 m. fixed cable
EXM8-21-XT-250°C – 1000°C2:125 m. fixed cable
EXM8-201-XT-50°C – 1000°C20:15 m. Fixed cable
EXM8-201-XT-100°C – 1000°C20:110 m. fixed cable
EXM8-201-XT-250°C – 1000°C20:125 m. fixed cable

Additional information


5 m. fixed cable, 10 m. fixed cable, 25 m. fixed cable

Sealing class


8 - 14 µm




Aluminium, stainless steel


± 0.5%

Response time

240 ms



Spot ratio

2:1, 20:1

Temperature range

-20°C tot 100°C, 0°C tot 1000°C, 0°C tot 250°C, 0°C tot 500°C


Temperature sensor


4 - 20 mA


Wiens displacement law

Power supply

12 – 24 Vdc

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