Fever detection thermal camera set

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The Dahua thermal body temperature camera set is suitable for reliably measuring body temperature of large groups of people. The package consists of a thermal camera, blackbody, tripod, NVR and screen. Delivery takes 1 to 2 weeks.

Suited applications for the fever detection set are:

  • Fever detection in hospitals;
  • Fever detection in public spaces;
  • Fever detection in museum;
  • Fever detection at the entrance of a company;
  • Fever detection at the workplace;
  • Koortsdetectie in de lobie;
  • koortsdetectie in restaurants;
  • Koortsdetectie in zwembaden;
  • Detectie van koorts in havens.

The strength of this solution that you can run it unmanned. In case of a detection, the employee is automatically warned and the protocol can then be followed.


Koortsdetectie in openbare ruimtes

How can essential locations where many people visit, safely stay open during these times? With Dahua's thermal body temperature camera package, contactless and reliable body temperature can be measured for larger groups of people. Think of entrances to hospitals, schools, office buildings, or in public transport. With the thermal camera you can detect contactless and fast when people with fever enter.

Werking van de thermische camera set

Place the camera at the entrance to screen multiple people on their body temperature, the measured body temperature is shown on a separate screen. In the event of a high body temperature being measured, an alarm message appears on the screen. The camera automatically focuses on the faces and also works if the face is (partial) covered, for instance with face masks. The thermal temperature camera is also reliable in case that people are carrying warm drinks. With this system it is possible to screen several people reliably at the same time, making this solution safe, effective and fast.

Contents of the package

Specificaties thermische camera voor koortsdetectie

Specifications blackbody

Additional information

Sealing class


± 0.3%


Thermal camera

Temperature range

30°C to 45°C


Measuring body temperature