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The AE6/AP-3F is an inductive sensor in a stainless steel M8 housing (short body version) with a measuring range of 2 mm. The sensor is flush mountable, has a PNP (NO) switching output and is equipped with a 3-pin M8 connector.

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About the series

The AA (Ø3 mm), AB (M4), AC (Ø4 mm), AD (M5), AE (M8) and AH (Ø6.5 mm) series are inductive proximity switches in a stainless steel housing. All sensors have an IP67 degree of sealing, making them suitable for applications in an environment with harsh conditions in combination with the stainless steel housing. The sensors from this series offer a wide range of different dimensions, outputs and connections fitted to your wishes.

AE series versions: AE1, AE6 (Short body) and ATEX

Model (AA)HousingCharacteristicMeasuring rangeOutputConnection
AE1/AN-1AM8Flush1.5 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/AN-1FM8Flush1.5 mm.NPN (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/AN-1HM8Flush1.5 mm.NPN (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/AN-2AM8Non-flush2.5 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/AN-2FM8Non-flush2.5 mm.NPN (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/AN-2HM8Non-flush2.5 mm.NPN (NC)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/AN-3AM8Flush2 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/AN-3FM8Flush2 mm.NPN (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/AN-3HM8Flush2 mm.NPN (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/AN-4AM8Non-flush4 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/AN-4FM8Non-flush4 mm.NPN (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/AN-4HM8Non-flush4 mm.NPN (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/AP-1AM8Flush1.5 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/AP-1FM8Flush1.5 mm.PNP (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/AP-1HM8Flush1.5 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/AP-2AM8Non-flush2.5 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/AP-2FM8Non-flush2.5 mm.PNP (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/AP-2HM8Non-flush2.5 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/AP-3AM8Flush2 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/AP-3FM8Flush2 mm.PNP (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/AP-3HM8Flush2 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/AP-4AM8Non-flush4 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/AP-4FM8Non-flush4 mm.PNP (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/AP-4HM8Non-flush4 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/CN-1AM8Flush1.5 mm.NPN (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/CN-1FM8Flush1.5 mm.NPN (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/CN-1HM8Flush1.5 mm.NPN (NC)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/CN-2AM8Non-flush2.5 mm.NPN (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/CN-2FM8Non-flush2.5 mm.NPN (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/CN-2HM8Non-flush2.5 mm.NPN (NC)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/CN-3AM8Flush2 mm.NPN (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/CN-3FM8Flush2 mm.NPN (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/CN-3HM8Flush2 mm.NPN (NC)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/CN-4AM8Non-flush4 mm.NPN (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/CN-4FM8Non-flush4 mm.NPN (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/CN-4HM8Non-flush4 mm.NPN (NC)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/CP-1AM8Flush1.5 mm.PNP (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/CP-1FM8Flush1.5 mm.PNP (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/CP-1HM8Flush1.5 mm.PNP (NC)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/CP-2AM8Non-flush2.5 mm.PNP (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/CP-2FM8Non-flush2.5 mm.PNP (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/CP-2HM8Non-flush2.5 mm.PNP (NC)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/CP-3AM8Flush2 mm.PNP (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/CP-3FM8Flush2 mm.PNP (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/CP-3HM8Flush2 mm.PNP (NC)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/CP-4AM8Non-flush4 mm.PNP (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/CP-4FM8Non-flush4 mm.PNP (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/CP-4HM8Non-flush4 mm.PNP (NC)4-pin M12-connector
AE6/AN-1AM8Flush1.5 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/AN-1FM8Flush1.5 mm.NPN (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/AN-2AM8Non-flush2.5 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/AN-2FM8Non-flush2.5 mm.NPN (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/AN-3AM8Flush2 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/AN-3FM8Flush2 mm.NPN (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/AN-4AM8Non-flush4 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/AN-4FM8Non-flush4 mm.NPN (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/AP-1AM8Flush1.5 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/AP-1FM8Flush1.5 mm.PNP (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/AP-2AM8Non-flush2.5 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/AP-2FM8Non-flush2.5 mm.PNP (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/AP-3AM8Flush2 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/AP-3FM8Flush2 mm.PNP (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/AP-4AM8Non-flush4 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/AP-4FM8Non-flush4 mm.PNP (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/CN-1AM8Flush1.5 mm.NPN (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/CN-1FM8Flush1.5 mm.NPN (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/CN-2AM8Non-flush2.5 mm.NPN (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/CN-2FM8Non-flush2.5 mm.NPN (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/CN-3AM8Flush2 mm.NPN (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/CN-3FM8Flush2 mm.NPN (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/CN-4AM8Non-flush4 mm.NPN (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/CN-4FM8Non-flush4 mm.NPN (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/CP-1AM8Flush1.5 mm.PNP (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/CP-1FM8Flush1.5 mm.PNP (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/CP-2AM8Non-flush2.5 mm.PNP (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/CP-2FM8Non-flush2.5 mm.PNP (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/CP-3AM8Flush2 mm.PNP (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/CP-3FM8Flush2 mm.PNP (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/CP-4AM8Non-flush4 mm.PNP (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/CP-4FM8Non-flush4 mm.PNP (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/AP-1AANM8Flush, ATEX zone 2, 221.5 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/AP-1FANM8Flush, ATEX zone 2, 221.5 mm.PNP (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/AP-1HANM8Flush, ATEX zone 2, 221.5 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/AP-3HANM8Flush, ATEX zone 22 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AE1/AP-4AANM8Non-flush, ATEX zone 2, 224 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE1/AP-4FANM8Non-flush, ATEX zone 2, 224 mm.PNP (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE1/CP-3FANM8Flush, ATEX zone 2, 222 mm.PNP (NC)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/AN-1AANM8Flush, ATEX zone 21.5 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/AP-1AANM8Flush, ATEX zone 2, 221.5 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/AP-2FANM8Non-flush, ATEX zone 2, 222.5 mm.PNP (NO)3-pin M8 connector
AE6/AP-3AANM8Flush, ATEX zone 2, 222 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AE6/AP-3FANM8Flush, ATEX zone 2, 222 mm.PNP (NO)3-pin M8 connector

Additional information


3-pin M8 connector



Measuring range

2 mm



Sealing class


Flush, Short body version



Switching frequency

5 kHz





Power supply

10 - 30 Vdc

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