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AK1/AP-2H is an inductive proximity switch in brass M18 housing. With a 4-pin M12 connector and equipped with a PNP NO switching output. The sensor can be non-flush mounted with a range of 8 mm.

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The AK series are inductive proximity switch from Micro Detectors in a M18 housing. The AK1 (standard housing) and the AK6 (short housing) consist of models with a standard or bigger range and are flush or non-flush mountable. Furthermore a choice can be made in the output and the connection.

AK series versions: AK1, AK6 (Short body) and ATEX


Model (AA)HousingCharacteristicMeasuring rangeOutputConnection
AK1/AN-1AM18Flush5 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AP-1AM18Flush5 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/CN-1AM18Flush5 mm.NPN (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/CP-1AM18Flush5 mm.PNP (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AN-1CM18Flush5 mm.NPN (NO)Right angle 2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AP-1CM18Flush5 mm.PNP (NO)Right angle 2 m. fixed cable
AK1/CN-1CM18Flush2 mm.NPN (NC)Right angle 2 m. fixed cable
AK1/CP-1CM18Flush5 mm.PNP (NC)Right angle 2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AN-1HM18Flush5 mm.NPN (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/AP-1HM18Flush5 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/CN-1HM18Flush5 mm.NPN (NC)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/CP-1HM18Flush5 mm.PNP (NC)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/AN-2AM18Non-flush8 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AP-2AM18Non-flush8 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/CN-2AM18Non-flush8 mm.NPN (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/CP-2AM18Non-flush8 mm.PNP (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AN-2CM18Non-flush8 mm.NPN (NO)Right angle 2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AP-2CM18Non-flush8 mm.PNP (NO)Right angle 2 m. fixed cable
AK1/CN-2CM18Non-flush8 mm.NPN (NC)Right angle 2 m. fixed cable
AK1/CP-2CM18Non-flush8 mm.PNP (NC)Right angle 2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AN-2HM18Non-flush8 mm.NPN (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/AP-2HM18Non-flush8 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/CN-2HM18Non-flush8 mm.NPN (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/CP-2HM18Non-flush8 mm.PNP (NC)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/AN-3AM18Flush8 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AP-3AM18Flush8 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/CN-3AM18Flush8 mm.NPN (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/CP-3AM18Flush8 mm.PNP (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AN-3HM18Flush8 mm.NPN (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/AP-3HM18Flush8 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/CN-3HM18Flush8 mm.NPN (NC)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/CP-3HM18Flush8 mm.PNP (NC)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/AN-4AM18Non-flush12 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AP-4AM18Non-flush12 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/CN-4AM18Non-flush12 mm.NPN (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/CP-4AM18Non-flush12 mm.PNP (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AN-4HM18Non-flush12 mm.NPN (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/AP-4HM18Non-flush12 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/CN-4HM18Non-flush12 mm.NPN (NC)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/CP-4HM18Non-flush12 mm.PNP (NC)4-pin M12-connector
AK6/AN-1AM18Flush5 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/AP-1AM18Flush5 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/BN-1AM18Flush5 mm.NPN (NO+ NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/BP-1AM18Flush5 mm.PNP (NO+NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/AN-1HM18Flush5 mm.NPN (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK6/AP-1HM18Flush5 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK6/BN-1HM18Flush5 mm.NPN (NO+ NC)4-pin M12-connector
AK6/BP-1HM18Flush5 mm.PNP (NO+ NC)4-pin M12-connector
AK6/AN-2AM18Non-flush8 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/AP-2AM18Non-flush8 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/BN-2AM18Non-flush8 mm.NPN (NO+ NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/BP-2AM18Non-flush8 mm.PNP (NO+ NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/AN-2HM18Non-flush8 mm.NPN (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK6/AP-2HM18Non-flush8 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK6/BN-2HM18Non-flush8 mm.NPN (NO+ NC)4-pin M12-connector
AK6/BP-2HM18Non-flush8 mm.PNP (NO+ NC)4-pin M12-connector
AK6/AN-3AM18Flush8 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/AP-3AM18Flush8 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/BN-3AM18Flush8 mm.NPN (NO+ NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/BP-3AM18Flush8 mm.PNP (NO+ NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/AN-3HM18Flush8 mm.NPN (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK6/AP-3HM18Flush8 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK6/BN-3HM18Flush8 mm.NPN (NO+ NC)4-pin M12-connector
AK6/BP-3HM18Flush8 mm.PNP (NO+ NC)4-pin M12-connector
AK6/AN-4AM18Non-flush12 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/AP-4AM18Non-flush12 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/BN-4AM18Non-flush12 mm.NPN (NO+ NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/BP-4AM18Non-flush12 mm.PNP (NO+ NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/AN-4HM18Non-flush12 mm.NPN (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK6/AP-4HM18Non-flush12 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK6/BN-4HM18Non-flush12 mm.NPN (NO+ NC)4-pin M12-connector
AK6/BP-4HM18Non-flush12 mm.PNP (NO+ NC)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/AN-2AANM18Non-flush, ATEX zone 2, 228 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AN-3AANM18Flush, ATEX zone 2, 228 mm.NPN (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AP-2AANM18Non-flush, ATEX zone 2, 228 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AP-2HANM18Non-flush, ATEX zone 2, 228 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/AP-3AANM18Flush, ATEX zone 2, 228 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AP-3HANM18Flush, ATEX zone 2, 228 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/AP-4AANM18Non-flush, ATEX zone 2, 2212 mm.PNP (NO)2 m. fixed cable
AK1/AP-4HANM18Non-flush, ATEX zone 2, 2212 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
AK1/CP-2AANM18Flush, ATEX zone 28 mm.PNP (NC)2 m. fixed cable
AK6/AP-3HANM18Flush, ATEX zone 2, 228 mm.PNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector

4-pin M12-connector



Sealing class





Measuring range

8 mm

Switching frequency

600 Hz




Proximity switch





Power supply

10 - 30 Vdc

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