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The CR1/BP-1V is a retro-reflective polarized area sensor with a profile height of 149 mm and a channel spacing of 10 mm. The sensor has a 4-pin M12 connector and range from 0.2 up to 4.5 m. The sensor is equipped with a PNP NO+NC output and comes with a mounting bracket and reflector.

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The CR1 series

The CR1 series form an extension to the existing area sensors from Micro Detectors. Sensors from this series make use of a reflector and can detect objects that obstruct the emitted light of reduce the intensity of the received light that comes back to the sensor.

More detection possibilities

Where the CR0 series fulfilled its task in the application with a detection height of 69 mm, the CR1 series goes a step further with a detection height of 149 mm! Furthermore, the CR1 sensors make use of a detection field with a beam spacing of 10 mm. This guarantees the detection of objects with a diameter of just 6 mm . The sensor has an emitter and receiver role because the use of a reflector, with a switching frequency of 275 Hz.

Extensive configuration for every application

The sensors from this series are equipped with two LED's and provide a variety of status information of the sensor, such as calibration, optical state and errors. In adddition, the CR1 series come with a button on top to start the teach-in or blanking functions in order to configure the sensor to make a perfect fit for the desired application. When teaching the sensor, the user can choose between the standard teach (Teach G) and a more refined teach (Teach F).

The sensors from the CR1 series are equipped with a 4-pin or 5-pin M12 connector and a variety of switching outputs:

ConnectionSwitching output
CR1/0B-1V5-pin M12 connectorPNP (NO+NC), NPN (NO+NC)
CR1/0T-1V4-pin M12-connectorPushPull
CR1/BN-1V4-pin M12-connectorNPN (NO), NPN (NC)
CR1/BP-1V4-pin M12-connectorPNP (NC), PNP (NO)
CR1/0I-1V4-pin M12-connectorIO-Link

Additional information


4-pin M12-connector

Active height

149 mm



Sealing class

Channel spacing

10 mm

Measuring range

0,2 - 4,5 m

Switching frequency

275 Hz




Area sensor







Power supply

12 - 30 Vdc

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