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The CX2E0RB/20-064V is a transmitter & receiver area sensor from Micro Detectors with an active height of 640 mm and a 20 mm channel spacing. The sensor has a PNP in combination with a PNP + NPN (NO/NC) output, a measuring range of 0.3 - 6 m. and a 4-pin and 8-pin M12 connector.

approximately 6 to 8 weeks
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General description

The CX2 series of Micro Detectors consists of a wide choice of transmitter and receiver area sensors with active heights from 160 up to 960 mm. Within the 6 available active heights, a choice can be made for a channel spacing of 5, 10 or 20 mm. In addition, there are options with a digital output (PNP/NPN), an analog 4-20 mA/0-10 V output or a version with a combination of a PNP and a 0-10 V output. The versions with an analog output are able to perform a height measurement in addition to product detection. All versions also have a Teach-in with a blanking function and a test input.

Models from the CX2 series

VersionResolutionActive heightOutput
CX2E0RA/05-016V5 mm160 mm0-10V / 4-20 mA
CX2E0RA/05-032V5 mm320 mm0-10V / 4-20 mA
CX2E0RA/05-048V5 mm480 mm0-10V / 4-20 mA
CX2E0RA/10-016V10 mm160 mm0-10V / 4-20 mA
CX2E0RA/10-032V10 mm320 mm0-10V / 4-20 mA
CX2E0RA/10-048V10 mm480 mm0-10V / 4-20 mA
CX2E0RA/10-064V10 mm640 mm0-10V / 4-20 mA
CX2E0RA/10-080V10 mm800 mm0-10V / 4-20 mA
CX2E0RA/10-096V10 mm960 mm0-10V / 4-20 mA
CX2E0RA/20-016V20 mm160 mm0-10V / 4-20 mA
CX2E0RA/20-032V20 mm320 mm0-10V / 4-20 mA
CX2E0RA/20-048V20 mm480 mm0-10V / 4-20 mA
CX2E0RA/20-064V20 mm640 mm0-10V / 4-20 mA
CX2E0RA/20-080V20 mm800 mm0-10V / 4-20 mA
CX2E0RA/20-096V20 mm960 mm0-10V / 4-20 mA
CX2E0RB/05-016V5 mm160 mmPNP/NPN
CX2E0RB / 05-032V5 mm320 mmPNP/NPN
CX2E0RB / 05-048V5 mm480 mmPNP/NPN
CX2E0RB / 10-016V10 mm160 mmPNP/NPN
CX2E0RB/10-032V10 mm320 mmPNP/NPN
CX2E0RB/10-048V10 mm480 mmPNP/NPN
CX2E0RB/10-064V10 mm640 mmPNP/NPN
CX2E0RB/10-080V10 mm800 mmPNP/NPN
CX2E0RB/10-096V10 mm960 mmPNP/NPN
CX2E0RB/20-016V20 mm160 mmPNP/NPN
CX2E0RB/20-032V20 mm320 mmPNP/NPN
CX2E0RB/20-048V20 mm480 mmPNP/NPN
CX2E0RB/20-064V20 mm640 mmPNP/NPN
CX2E0RB/20-080V20 mm800 mmPNP/NPN
CX2E0RB/20-096V20 mm960 mmPNP/NPN
CX2E0RF/05-016V5 mm160 mmPNP + 0-10V
CX2E0RF/05-032V5 mm320 mmPNP + 0-10V
CX2E0RF/05-048V5 mm480 mmPNP + 0-10V
CX2E0RF/10-016V10 mm160 mmPNP + 0-10V
CX2E0RF/10-032V10 mm320 mmPNP + 0-10V
CX2E0RF/10-048V10 mm480 mmPNP + 0-10V
CX2E0RF/10-064V10 mm640 mmPNP + 0-10V
CX2E0RF/10-080V10 mm800 mmPNP + 0-10V
CX2E0RF/10-096V10 mm960 mmPNP + 0-10V
CX2E0RF/20-016V20 mm160 mmPNP + 0-10V
CX2E0RF/20-032V20 mm320 mmPNP + 0-10V
CX2E0RF/20-048V20 mm480 mmPNP + 0-10V
CX2E0RF/20-064V20 mm640 mmPNP + 0-10V
CX2E0RF/20-080V20 mm800 mmPNP + 0-10V
CX2E0RF/20-096V20 mm960 mmPNP + 0-10V

4-pin M12 connector, 8-pin M12 connector

Active height

640 mm

Sealing class

Channel spacing

20 mm


Blanking function, Potentiometer, Test input



Measuring range

6 m







Power supply

16.8 - 30 Vdc

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