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The PFM1/BN-1H is an inductive proximity from Micro Detectors switch in a metal M12 housing and equipped with a NPN-NO+NC switching output. The sensor is flush mountable and has a range up to 2 mm.

approximately 6 to 8 weeks
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Robust sensors for challenging environments

The PFM series are cylindrical inductive sensors. The sensors are well suited for applications in the food and beverage industry. This is because of the IP67, IP68 and IP69K protection degrees and because the sensors are wrapped in a stainless steel housing. This protects them against the rough circumstances in these industries.

High temperature resistance

In addition, the sensors can handle very high ambient temperatures from -40 ° C to 115 ° C. This is extremely suitable during the cleaning processes in the food industry.The sensors are fully protected against electrical damage. It is also possible to request an ATEX variant of the inductive sensor when working in an application with ATEX zones.

All available models

ModelMeasuring rangeMountingOutputConnection
PFM1/BN-1H2 mmFlushNPN (NO+NC)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/BN-2H4 mmNon-flushNPN (NO+NC)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/BN-3H4 mmFlushNPN (NO+NC)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/BN-4H8 mmNon-flushNPN (NO+NC)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/BP-1H2 mmFlushPNP (NO+NC)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/BP-1H26 (high temperature)2 mmFlushPNP (NO+NC)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/BP-2H4 mmNon-flushPNP (NO+NC)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/BP-2H26 (high temperature)4 mmNon-flushPNP (NO+NC)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/BP-2HAN (ATEX)4 mmNon-flushPNP (NO+NC)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/BP-3H4 mmFlushPNP (NO+NC)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/BP-3HAN (ATEX)4 mmFlushPNP (NO+NC)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/BP-4H8 mmNon-flushPNP (NO+NC)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/AP-1H2 mmFlushPNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/AP-2H4 mmNon-flushPNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/AP-3H4 mmFlushPNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/AP-4H8 mmNon-flushPNP (NO)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/AN-1H2 mmFlushNPN (NO)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/AN-2H4 mmNon-flushNPN (NO)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/AN-3H4 mmFlushNPN (NO)4-pin M12-connector
PFM1/AN-4H8 mmNon-flushNPN (NO)4-pin M12-connector



4-pin M12-connector

Amount of outputs




Sealing class

, ,




Stainless steel

Measuring range

2 mm

Switching frequency

2 kHz







Power supply

10 - 30 Vdc

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