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The QFRS-BP-1F from Micro Detectors is a photoelectric sensor with background suppression with a range of up to 6 m in a cubic stainless steel housing with ECOLAB certification. The QFRS/BP-1F can detect products or objects superfast because of the high switching frequency of 1 kHz, without the need for a reflector. The ECOLAB housing and the IP68 and IP69K protection class make this sensor suited for applications in the food industry or applications in which the sensor is exposed to water and cleaning agents. The photoelectric sensor has a 4-pin M8 connector and a digital PNP NO+NC output. The range of the sensor is configurable through a potentiometer.


QF series from Micro Detectors

The QF series from Micro Detectors is a series of photoelectric sensors in cubic stainless steel mini-housing. The sensor has a IP67, IP68 and IP69K protection degree and so specially suited for challenging envurinmonts, such as in the food and beverage industry. The photoelectric sensors use a LED with visible red or infrared light.

All models in the QF series photoelectric sensors have a reverse polarity protection and they are short-circuit proof. All models also include a potentiometer with which you can install the sensitivity of the photoelectric sensor. The sensors also have a high switching frequency, so they can be deployed in fast detection applications.

The models of The QF series photoelectric sensors are available in various versions, namely: as a diffuse proximity sensor, polarized retro-reflective sensor, sender/receiver sensors or as sensor with background suppression. The QF series has besides the difference in detection mode also models available with diffferences in the measuring range and the connection.

Available models

Measuring range
QFI4/BN-1ADiffuse Proximity200mmNPN (NO+NC)2 m. fixed cable
QFI4/BP-1ADiffuse Proximity200mmPNP (NO+NC)2 m. fixed cable
QFI4/BN-1FDiffuse Proximity200mmNPN (NO+NC)4-pin M8
QFI4/BP-1FDiffuse Proximity200mmPNP (NO+NC)4-pin M8
QFR8/BN-1ADiffuse Proximity1000mmNPN (NO+NC)2 m. fixed cable
QFR8/BP-1ADiffuse Proximity1000mmPNP (NO+NC)2 m. fixed cable
QFR8/BN-1FDiffuse Proximity1000mmNPN (NO+NC)4-pin M8
QFR8/BP-1FDiffuse Proximity1000mmPNP (NO+NC)4-pin M8
QFRS/BN-1ABackground suppression200mmNPN (NO+NC)2 m. fixed cable
QFRS/BP-1ABackground suppression200mmPNP (NO+NC)2 m. fixed cable
QFRS/BN-1FBackground suppression200mmNPN (NO+NC)4-pin M8
QFRS/BP-1FBackground suppression200mmPNP (NO+NC)4-pin M8
QFRN/BN-1APolarized6mNPN (NO+NC)2 m. fixed cable
QFRN/BP-1APolarized 6mPNP (NO+NC)2 m. fixed cable
QFRN/BN-1FPolarized 6mNPN (NO+NC)4-pin M8
QFRN/BP-1FPolarized 6mPNP (NO+NC)4-pin M8
QFIH/00-1ATransmitter15mNPN (NO+NC)2 m. fixed cable
QFIH/00-1FTransmitter 15mPNP (NO+NC)4-pin M8
QFID/BN-1AReceiver 15mNPN (NO+NC)2 m. fixed cable
QFID/BP-1AReceiver 15mPNP (NO+NC)2 m. fixed cable
QFID/BN-1FReceiver 15mNPN (NO+NC)4-pin M8
QFID/BP-1FReceiver 15mPNP (NO+NC)4-pin M8

Additional information


4-pin M8 connector



Sealing class



ECOLAB, Potentiometer, Visible red LED


Stainless steel

Measuring range

200 mm

Switching frequency

500 Hz




Photoelectric sensor



Amount of outputs



Background suppression

Power supply

10 - 30 Vdc

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