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The QMI7/0P-0A of Micro Detectors is a high-performance diffuse proximity photoelectric sensor in cubic plastic mini-housing. The sensor has a Infrared LED, a measuring range of 400mm, a PNP + NO/NC switching output and is equipped with a 2m. fixed cable.

approximately 6 to 8 weeks
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QM series from Micro Detectors

The QM series of Micro Detectors is a serie photoelectic sensor in cubical plastic mini housing. With the potentiometer, the sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted accurately. The photoelectric sensors use, depending on the model, a LED with visible red-or infrared light. The QM series also has a high switching frequency, which makes the sensors suited for accurate detection and positioning applications, also in fast applications. The models from the QM series photoelectric sensors are available as a diffuse proximity sensor, a polarized retro-reflective sensor, a retro-reflective sensor for detection of transparant materials, as a transmitter/receiver or as a sensor with background suppression.

Models QM series

ModelVersion (Photoelectric sensor)Measuring rangeOutputConnectionLED Emission
QMRB/0P-0ADiffuse Proximity100mmPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMRB/0P-0FDiffuse Proximity100mmPNP (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMRB/0N-0ADiffuse Proximity100mmNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMRB/0N-0FDiffuse Proximity100mmNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMR7/0P-0ADiffuse Proximity400mmPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMR7/0P-0FDiffuse Proximity400mmPNP (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMR7/0N-0ADiffuse Proximity400mmNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMR7/0N-0FDiffuse Proximity400mmNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMI7/0P-0ADiffuse Proximity400mmPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableInfrared LED
QMI7/0P-0FDiffuse Proximity400mmPNP (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorInfrared LED
QMI7/0N-0ADiffuse Proximity400mmNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableInfrared LED
QMI7/0N-0FDiffuse Proximity400mmNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorInfrared LED
QMR8/0P-0ADiffuse Proximity1000mmPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMR8/0P-0FDiffuse Proximity1000mmPNP (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMR8/0N-0ADiffuse Proximity1000mmNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMRB/0N-0FDiffuse Proximity1000mmNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMI9/0P-0ADiffuse Proximity1500mmPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableInfrared LED
QMI9/0P-0FDiffuse Proximity1500mmPNP (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorInfrared LED
QMI9/0N-0ADiffuse Proximity1500mmNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableInfrared LED
QMI9/0N-0FDiffuse Proximity1500mmNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorInfrared LED
QMRN/0P-0APolarized5mPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMRN/0P-0FPolarized5mPNP (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMRN/0N-0APolarized5mNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMRN/0N-0FPolarized5mNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMIC/0P-0ARetro-reflective7mPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableInfrared LED
QMIC/0P-0FRetro-reflective7mPNP (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorInfrared LED
QMIC/0N-0ARetro-reflective7mNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableInfrared LED
QMIC/0N-0FRetro-reflective7mNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorInfrared LED
QMRG/0P-0ARetro-reflective for transparant objects0,05...1,5mPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMRG/0P-0FRetro-reflective for transparant objects0,05...1,5mPNP (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMRG/0N-0ARetro-reflective for transparant objects0,05...1,5mNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMRG/0N-0FRetro-reflective for transparant objects0,05...1,5mNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMIG/0P-0ARetro-reflective for transparant objects0,05...1,0mPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableInfrared LED
QMIG/0P-0FRetro-reflective for transparant objects0,05...1,0mPNP (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorInfrared LED
QMIG/0N-0ARetro-reflective for transparant objects0,05...1,0mNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableInfrared LED
QMIG/0N-0FRetro-reflective for transparant objects0,05...1,0mNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorInfrared LED
QMRL/0P-0ARetro-reflective for transparant objects0,4...4,0mPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMRL/0P-0FRetro-reflective for transparant objects0,4...4,0mPNP (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMRL/0N-0ARetro-reflective for transparant objects0,4...4,0mNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMRL/0N-0FRetro-reflective for transparant objects0,4...4,0mNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMRH/00-0ATransmitter20mPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMRH/00-0FTransmitter20mNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMRD/0P-0AReceiver20mPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMRD/0P-0FReceiver20mPNP (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMRD/0N-0AReceiver20mNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMRD/0N-0FReceiver20mNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMRHD/0P-0ATransmitter + Receiver20mPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMRHD/0P-0FTransmitter + Receiver20mPNP (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMRHD/0N-0ATransmitter + Receiver20mNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMRHD/0N-0FTransmitter + Receiver20mNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMIH/00-0ATransmitter30mPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableInfrared LED
QMIH/00-0FTransmitter30mNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorInfrared LED
QMID/0P-0AReceiver30mPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableInfrared LED
QMID/0P-0FReceiver30mPNP (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorInfrared LED
QMID/0N-0AReceiver30mNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableInfrared LED
QMID/0N-0FReceiver30mNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorInfrared LED
QMIHD/0P-0ATransmitter + Receiver30mPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableInfrared LED
QMIHD/0P-0FTransmitter + Receiver30mPNP (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorInfrared LED
QMIHD/0N-0ATransmitter + Receiver30mNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableInfrared LED
QMIHD/0N-0FTransmitter + Receiver30mNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorInfrared LED
QMRS/0P-0APhotoelectric sensor with background suppression30...200mmPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMRS / 0P-0FPhotoelectric sensor with background suppression30...200mmPNP (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMRS/0N-0APhotoelectric sensor with background suppression30...200mmNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableVisible red LED
QMRS/0N-0FPhotoelectric sensor with background suppression30...200mmNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorVisible red LED
QMIS/0P-0APhotoelectric sensor with background suppression30...400mmPNP (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableInfrared LED
QMIS/0P-0FPhotoelectric sensor with background suppression30...400mmPNP (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorInfrared LED
QMIS/0N-0APhotoelectric sensor with background suppression30...400mmNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableInfrared LED
QMIS/0N-0FPhotoelectric sensor with background suppression30...400mmNPN (NO/NC)4-pin M8-connectorInfrared LED
QMIS/0N-0A28Photoelectric sensor with background suppression30...400mmNPN (NO/NC)2m. fixed cableInfrared LED

2 m. fixed cable

Amount of outputs




Sealing class


Potentiometer, Infrared LED



Measuring range

400 mm

Switching frequency

2 kHz






Diffuse proximity

Power supply

10 - 30 Vdc

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