FLIR 5-day training ITC Level l

This 5-day ITC Level l is a training to Level l thermographer, teached in Dutch by a Level lll certified instructor.

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Content training: Level l certified thermographer

This 5-day training is developed for beginners in the thermography who want to qualify as a Level 1 certified thermographer. After a theoretical introduction about infrared, during the ITC Level l training first of all you will learn how quality data can be achieved by using a thermal camera. You will learn how you can measure temperatures in a correct manner, taking into account factors such as emissivity, reflection and distance. Furthermore, it is explained how an infrared image should be interpreted correctly by theoretical knowledge as well as by a series of practical samples. Moreover it is explained how costly mistakes can be prevented, for example by knowing the difference between a real "hotspot" and a reflection. Finally, a part of the education is devoted to the use of software so that you are able to set up a solid infrared inspection report. This 5-day ICT Level l training is teached by a Level lll certified instructor.

During this 5-day, practical course you will learn?

  • The necessary concepts from the heat theory
  • How heat is transferred in practice
  • What infrared radiation is and how it behaves
  • How you need to set up the camera for measuring temperatures
  • How you capture a good thermal image, taking into account the measurement conditions
  • To interpret and analyse the thermal image
  • To report the results based on the relevant guidelines and norms.

What previous education do I need?

For this course no specific preliminary education is required. Participants are often people who:

  • Have some experience with thermography and want to delve deeper in this
  • Have noticed in practice that thermography seems easier than it is
  • Must be able to demonstrate to clients that they are suitably qualified

What is the added value?

From a Level l thermograpger is expected he is capable to independently performing thermal inspections and to clearly report the results. Clients increasingly demand that a thermal inspection is to be carried out by a Level 1 certified thermographer.

How does the course agenda look like?

The first three days are mainly focused on theory with many practical demonstrations. The last day ends, after a summary, with a multiple-choice exam and the assessment of a thermogram.

Do I receive a certificate?

After the course, you will receiver a certificate of participating. For the ITC Level l certificate you need to correctly answer a minimum of 75% of the 50 questions and you will receive the result approximately 14 days after the exam.