FLIR 5-day training ITC Level ll

This 5-day Level ll training is developed for advanced in the thermography who have experience with inspections and have broad knowledge and experience in the area of infrared thermography.

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Content training: ITC Level ll

You will stary with a presentation about an application from your discipline in relation to that what is learned in the Level l training. After this your knowledge about heat theory, infrared radiation theory and the operation of infrared cameras is deepened and expanded with many practical exercises. The Level ll training digs deeper into the physics backgrounds of infrared radiation in relation to the measuring object. Here you are able to appoint the pros and cons for the various applications of thermography, you can set up inspection and report procedures and you can coach Level 1 thermographers with their daily activities.

What previous education do I need?

For this course you need to have a valid Level l certificate and a minimum of one year experience with thermal inspections.

Who gives this course?

Our trainers are acknowledged by the ITC as well as the BINDT. These are Level lll thermographers with years of experience in thermal inspections. They already teach for more than ten years at home and abroad. Almost all (500) Level l thermographers in the Netherlands and Belgium are educated by one of our trainers.

How does the course agenda look like?

The first three days are mainly focused on theory with many practical demonstrations. The last day ends, after a summary, with a multiple-choice exam and the assessment of a thermogram.

Do I receive a certificate?

After the course, you will receiver a certificate of participating. For the ITC Level ll certificate you need to correctly answer a minimum of 75% of the 60 questions and you will receive the result approximately 14 days after the exam.