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FLIR A50/A70 (Image streaming)

The FLIR A50/A70 series with Image streaming configuration are thermal imaging cameras which count as automation solution suited for process optimalization and quality guarantees. The image streaming configuration combines advanced thermal images with several camera control capabilities, image streaming via Ethernet, carrying out analysis on captured thermal images by using software, etc. The compact and fixed camera is able to reliably monitor several conditions and timely detect fires due to the variety of configuration possibilities and the relating advanced functions.

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Advanced automation solution with the FLIR A50/A70 (Image streaming configuration)

The FLIR A50/A70 thermal cameras offer the monitoring capabilities to accurately identify thermal issues within production processes. Think for example of a critical infrastructure, product quality monitoring and preventive fire detection. The A50/A70 series is fully and easily configurable to demands and wishes of your company which meet the needs in the area of quality, productivity, maintenance and safety. The A50/A70 cameras with an image streaming configuration combine very sharp thermal images with camera control, image streaming via Ethernet and analytic capabilities using software for an optimal ease of use. 

Most important features of the A50/A70 (Image streaming):

Multiple configuration possibilities for the FLIR A50/A70 cameras

There another couple of configuration possbilities within the A50/A70 cameras. The first question is which resolution is desired in your application (464 x 348 (A50) or 640 x 480 (A70)). The higher the resolution, the more details are displayed on the image, so even the smaller potential problems can be accurately visualized. Furthermore there are also some lens options (FOV) available for the A50/A70 cameras, namely 29°, 51° or 95°. 

The A50 & A70 are furthermore available with a standard configuration or with an advanced configuration. The difference between the two is that the advanced configuration has some extra functions for an even expanded ease of use. 

Finally the A50/A70 cameras with all these possibilities are also available with a smart sensor configuration carried out with built-in analytics and alarm capabilities.  

Lens (Field of view)
Temperature range

FLIR A50 +

Standard464 x 34829°-20°C to 1000°C

FLIR A50 +

Advanced464 x 34829°-20°C to 1000°C

FLIR A50 +

Standard464 x 34851°-20°C to 1000°C

FLIR A50 +

Advanced464 x 34851°-20°C to 1000°C

FLIR A50 +

Standard464 x 34895°-20°C to 1000°C

FLIR A50 +

Advanced464 x 34895°-20°C to 1000°C

FLIR A70 +

Standard640 x 48029°-20°C to 1000°C

FLIR A70 +

Advanced640 x 48029°-20°C to 1000°C

FLIR A70 +

Standard640 x 48051°-20°C to 1000°C

FLIR A70 +

Advanced640 x 48051°-20°C to 1000°C

FLIR A70 +

Standard640 x 48095°-20°C to 1000°C

FLIR A70 +

Advanced640 x 48095°-20°C to 1000°C

Standard, Advanced

Image frequency

30 Hz


Fixed focus distance


7.5 - 14 µm


Smart sensor configuration


± 2℃


464 x 348, 640 x 480



Temperature range

-20°C to 175°C, -20°C to 250°C, 175°C to 1000°C

Thermal sensitivity

Depends on the lens



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