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The FLIR A310 is a standalone thermal camera suited for controlling, guarding and visualising hot spots in an environment, such as scalding in a waste bunker or a possible fire in a shed. After the detection of a potentially dangerous hot spot in the environment the camera alarms this with a built-in I/O interface, a direct video output or via the standard built-in 100 Mb Ethernet interface. The A310 js an automatic management,- control- and messaging system without having to use a PC or software. The camera has a housing with an IP54 protection degree and measures temperatures from -20°C up to 350°C with an accuracy of ±2 °C. Finally, the camera can be fully set up with the IrMonitor software.

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Thermal cameras for the automation

The thermal cameras for the automation are suited for visualising and alarming temperature differences and hot spots for example for scalding and fire detection in waste bunkers and sheds with warehouse and storage, hot spot detectie in production processes, hotmelt control, seal control and various machine vision applications where temperature play a role.

Visualising hot spots with the standalone FLIR A310 

The FLIR A310 is a thermal camera suited for tracking down and visualising temperature differences and hot spots in industrial environments. The FLIR A310 is easy to set up with the IrMonitor software. The camera is then capable to operate standalone without having to use a PC or software. Even the smallest temperature differences (<0,1 °C) can be detected by the camera. With the 8x digital zoom an exact object or process can moreover be accurately monitored. The FLIR A310 has furthermore an IP54 protection degree, but is also available in an industrial housing with an IP66 protection degree if desired. 

Extensive communication possibilities of measured data with the FLIR A310

There is an extensive offer of function available for communicating measured data by the FLIR A310. Data transmission of images and analysis results can be carried out via FTP or e-mail. Alarming potentially dangerous hot spots is possible via a built-in I/O interface, via a direct video output with 30 Hz or via the standardly built-in 100 Mb Ethernet-interface.

Moreover the camera supports the use of an industrial Ethernet/IP fieldbus protocol or Modbus TCP fieldbus protocol for sharing analysis and alarm results with a PLC.

Image frequency

30 Hz

Sealing class


7.5 – 13 µm


± 2℃


320 x 240



Temperature range

-20°C to 120°C, 0°C to 350°C

Thermal sensitivity




Power supply

10 - 30 Vdc

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