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The FLIR AX8 is the perfect solution for continuous non-contact temperature monitoring of electrical and mechanical parts in processes. FLIR AX8 delivers a combination of infrared images and visual images for a very affordable price. The FLIR AX8 automatically searches for the hotspot and acts as 4800 separate infrared pyrometers, packed in 1 small housing!

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The FLIR AX8 thermal imaging camera

The FLIR AX8 protects your machines from unexpected downtime, interruptions and equipment failure by providing uninterrupted temperature monitoring. This allows you to benefit from continuous condition monitoring and hotspot detection and eliminates the need for periodic scans. FLIR AX8 monitors the temperature of your machine or product 24/7/365. Unlike a PT100/temperature sensor, the FLIR AX8 maps the surface temperature of an object rather than the temperature of the air around it. This results in a very effective and accurate measurement. The measurement has been checked and temperature differences can be detected early at a very specific position.

  • Electrical control cabins and panels
  • Processing and production environments
  • Data centers
  • Energy generation and distribution
  • (Public) transportation
  • Storage facilities
  • Cooled storages
  • Alarm notification in overheated fuses
  • Notifying loose connections in electrical connections
  • Automatic hotspot detection with alarm
  • Stand-alone functioning
  • Easy to configure through web-interface
  • FLIR’s Lepton® Micro Thermal Camera Core
  • IP67 dust- and waterproof housing
  • Built-in 640 x 480 digital camera
  • Housing measurements of just: 54 x 25 x 95 mm
  • Temperature range from –10°C up to +150°C
  • Digital I/O
  • Ethernet/IP & Modbus communication
  • 4800 measuring pixels!

Automatic analysis and monitoring

With the direct video output, the FLIR AX8 not only delivers live video from any installation, but it also automatically generates an alarm notification when a preset temperature is exceeded. The FLIR AX8 comes standard with industrial Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP interfaces. The available video formats are MPEG, MJPEG, H.264.

Sealing class


7.5 – 13 µm




± 2%, ± 2℃

Response time

125 ms


AX series

Spot ratio

80 x 60 pixels

Temperature range

-10°C up to 150°C

Power supply

11 – 30 Vdc

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