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The FLIR GF343 is an optical thermal camera suited to detect and visualise CO2 leaks fast, easy and from a safe distance. This could be CO2 as a by-product within a production process, CO2 as tracing gas to detect leaks of power generators or CO2 as part of an Enhanced Oil Recovery-program. In all these situations the GF343 is capable of carrying out an accurate detection of CO2 leaks with a safer, more efficient and more profitable organisation as a result.

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Gas detection cameras for making all invisible gasses visible

The FLIR GF series are gas detection cameras which are capable of making all invisible gasses visible. Oil- and gas facilities, energy companies etc. often consist of big installations and connections that require regular inspections. The chance of leaks or other damage is often small, but the consequences can be desastrous for the present people. The FLIR GF cameras are a reliable and accurate solution for the visualisation of different gasses in multiple environments. 

Visualising CO2 leaks with the GF343

The FLIR GF343 is an optical thermal camera suited for locating CO2 leaks in many applications. The camera is capable to visualise the detected CO2 leaks in real-time. Factories can monitor their equipment fast, easy and from a safe distance while these are still online during the normal business operations. This prevents unplanned shut downs, costs are saved and operations can be safely carried out.

Image frequency

60 Hz


4.2 - 4.4 μm


320 x 240



Thermal sensitivity

<15 mK


CO2 detection


Refrigerated gas detection camera

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