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The FLIR GIS-320 is a radiometrical done camera suited for optical gas imaging at for example unmanned antenna systems, unmanned ground vehicles and mobile platforms. With this camera you are capable to track down and in visualise in real-time gas leaks fast, easy and from a safe distance. The GIS-320 has furthermore an IR-resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, a 1-8x continuous zoom (Thermal), a 10 x optical zoom (VIS) and is able to measure temperatures from -20°C up to 350°C.

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Gas imaging with the GIS-320 drone camera

The FLIR GIS-320 is a radiometrical drone camera suited for tracking down gas leaks and present gas in the sky in hard to reach areas or for inspecting large areas fast and easy. The drone camera is simple to deploy in UAS/UGV systems to visualise wellheads, pipelines, tank batteries, etc. from a sage distance.

The integrated FLIR G300a- camera offers furthermore some reliable FLIR-functions, with the exclusive High Sensitivity Mode (HSM) and a OOOOa- certfication and meets therefore te inspection sensitivity standards. 

This is results in a safer working environment and more efficiency when tracking down gas lekas. Moreover costs will be saved and the damage to the environment is limited because leaks are timely portayed and then immediately repair these.

The gasses that can be detected by the FLIR GIS-320

Image frequency

60 Hz


8.0 - 8.6 μm




320 x 240



Temperature range

-20°C to 350°C

Thermal sensitivity

<15 mK


Gas detection camera

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