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FLIR Si124


The FLIR Si124 is an acoustic image camera suited for tracking down and visualising leaks in compressed air systems or the detection of partial discharge in electrical substations. With this handheld camera you are able to identify problems faster and easier than with traditional methods. The FLIR Si124 consists of 124 microphones with which ultrasonic waves are displayed in a digital image in real-time. This way, the source of a leak or discharge can be accurately localised.

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Real-time visualisation of ultrasonic information with the FLIR Si124

With the FLIR Si124 leaks under pressure or partical discharges are tracked down and visualised. Faster, easier and in real-time ultrasonic waves are displayed in a digital image for example at compressed air systems and electrical substations. The result of the use of the FLIR Si124 is that costs are saved, less equipment failures take place and thus having less dowtime. 

Ultrasonic specifications:

The ultrasonic information can be displayed with a range of 0.3 m. up to 100 m. The measurement is carried out by 124 low noise MEMS-microphones for a real-time visualisation. The leak percentage for industrial environments is; > 0,032 l / min @ 3 bar vanaf 3 m (9,8 ft) en > 0,05 l / min @ 3 bar vanaf 10 m (32,8 ft). The leak percentage in a quiet environment is; 0,016 l / min @ 1,2 bar vanaf 0,3 m (1,0 ft). 

The FLIR Acoustic Camera Viewer cloud service.

The FLIR Si124 is equipped with the FLIR Acoustic Camera Viewer-cloudservice. This way, images are automatically stored in the cloud after they have been captured. Thus everything can be found back for any deeper analysis and classification of problems. By for example doing regular maintenance routines moneey can be saved on energy bills and new parts have to purchased less often. 

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