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The FLIR T840 is thermal imaging camera suited for the inspection of for example electric utility and buildings. The timely detection of possible failures in processes will be even easier due to the 180° rotating lens. Very sharp images can be captures due to an integrated viewfinder and a razor-sharp 4" LCD display even in the most bright and challenging light circumstances. This camera is normally delivered with a 24° lens and if desired it is possible to choose for a 6° lens for accurate temperature measurements of small targets over larger distances. The T840 furthermore measures temperatures up to 2000°C with an accuracy of ±2°C.

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T800 series thermal imaging cameras for the industry

The FLIR T800 series thermal cameras are developed for the support of advanced thermographs and IR service consultants working in the power generation, energy distribution and production industries. The focus here is on the resolution, the speed and the ergonomics so that users in several circumstances are able to determine hot spots accurately and the timely detection of potential problems are further facilitated. The distinction in the T800 series is made in the resolution; the T840 has a resolution of 464 x 348 pixels and the T865 has a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.

Make the most of a working day with these convenient features of the T840

With the 180° rotating lens you can shoot images easily from above your head, on the ground or at hard to reach locations without adopting an uncomfortable stance. Thanks to the razor-sharp 4" LCD displau with ultra contrast and an integrated viewfinder images are shown very sharp even in the most challenging lighting circumstances. The leading image sharpness is further improved with FLIR Vision Processing ™, MSX®, UltraMax® and a patented adaptive filtering. The T840 furthermore ensures a very accurate measurement with a laser-guided autofocus, the 1-Touch Level/Span and because of the very high sensitivity. With FLIR Thermal Studios Pro it is moreover possible to easily develop inspection routed for a more streamlined workflow.

Image frequency

30 Hz


7.5 - 14 µm


± 2℃


464 x 348



Temperature range

-20°C to 120°C, 0°C to 650°C, 300°C to 2000°C

Thermal sensitivity

<40 mK


General usage

Power supply

Li-ion battery

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