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FLIR G300 a

The FLIR G300 a is a gas detection camera suitable for detecting and monitoring gas leaks for example at oil refineries and offshore platforms. This camera is able to display even the smallest possible gas leaks in real-time thanks to its extreme sensitivity. Furthermore, the G300 a measures temperatures from -20°C to 350°C and the camera is easy to integrate into enclosures with specific application requirements

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Gas detection cameras for making all invisible gasses visible

The FLIR GF series are gas detection cameras which are capable of making all invisible gasses visible. Oil- and gas facilities, energy companies etc. often consist of big installations and connections that require regular inspections. The chance of leaks or other damage is often small, but the consequences can be desastrous for the present people. The FLIR GF cameras are a reliable and accurate solution for the visualisation of different gasses in multiple environments. 

Visualising the smallest gas leaks in real-time with the G300 a

The FLIR G300 a is a gas detection camera suited for visualising gas leaks of volatile organic compounds and other hydrocarbon gasses. The camera is capable to scan large areas fast and detect leaks in real-time. Ideal to track down very small gas leaks that are hard to reach with contact measuring instruments. Moreover the camera can easily integrated in housings with application specific requirements. Thousands parts can be scanned per shift without the process having to be shut down. Finally the G300 a can be easily controlled from a safe distance via Ethernet and can be integrated in a TCP/IP network.

The gasses which can be detected by the FLIR G300 a

Image frequency

60 Hz


3.2 - 3.4 µm


± 1℃


320 x 240


G300 a

Temperature range

-20°C to 350°C

Thermal sensitivity

<15 mK


Gas Detection


Refrigerated gas detection camera

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