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Hotron's ClearWave is a non-contact door switch that automates the opening and closing of doors. A door can be opened safely, but above all hygienically, by just a wave of the hand within the range (5 - 40 cm) of the sensor.

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More hygiene

Applications where hygiene is an extremely important requirement, this is an ideal solution for contactless entry and exit of rooms. Think of user environments such as: clean rooms, food processing, hospitals and clinical areas and also chemical industries.

A multitude of configuration

Depending on the application and requirements, a desired detection distance can be set within the range of 5-40 cm. It is also possible to set a Toggle or Pulse mode.


Due to the IP55 protection class, the ingress of water is prevented. This protection is provided by a foam rubber gasket around the switch.

Less on-site installation time

The switch can be mounted flush. This makes it easy to assemble and ready for use.

Sealing class

Measuring range

5-40 cm


Microwave doppler radar

Power supply

12 - 24 Vac, 12 - 30 Vdc

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