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HR100-CT is an infrared safety device for use in elevators and horizontally closing doors up to 3 meters high. The HR100-CT meets the EN16005 European standard for the user safety of automatic doors.

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Meets the EN16005 standard

The HR100-CT from Hotron meets the EN 16005 standard. The purpose of this standard is to guarantee the safety of people that are using the automatic doors. This applies to tourniquets, sliding doors, revolving doors, balanced doors, or folding doors. The moment the automatic door sensors that meet the EN 16005 standard are attached and installed on the door, the safety of people, animals, objects and vehicles that are moving around the door, can be guaranteed. That means that no physical contact can be made with the door and that periodical maintentance is mandatory. This way injuries and damage by contact with the door is at all times prevented. For more advice about which sensor solutions are required to meet all safety demands in the application, contact can be made with one of our experts!

Energy efficient

The door sensor works with a smart unidirectional detection that, because of extensive detection options, operates very efficiently and ensures that the door does not open and close unnecessarily. The result of this is just as efficient: up to 20% reduction in hold-time for doors and 6% reduction in energy consumption.


The Hotron infrared door sensor is equipped with a functionality that learns the movement of the door. As a result, the operation of the door can be tailored to the stream of people and vice versa. This provides security for users of the passage.

A multitude of configuration

The versatility of the sensor is reflected in its functionality. The zones for opening the door and specifying the person detection can be set independently of each other. This makes the sensor ideal for use in sliding doors.

Easy to install

All installation instructions can be found on the sensor housing.


Silver, Black

Sealing class


Potentiometer, Test input



Measuring range

3 m.

Response time




Power supply

10-24 Vac/dc

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