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Hotron's J-Wave is a non-contact door switch that automates the opening and closing of doors. A door can be opened safely, but also hygienically, by just a wave of the hand within the range of 30 cm of the sensor.

approximately 2 to 4 weeks
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Germ spread prevention

This door switch not only facilitates access to crowded buildings such as hospitals and shopping centers. Due to its non-contact nature, the switch also prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria that can infect visitors.

Firm and illuminated

The door switch is housed in a sturdy plastic housing for use in high-traffic locations. In addition to this, when it is dark, the switch can be easily seen because of the built-in LED lighting.

Narrow design

The housing of the switch consists of a narrow profile so that it can be mounted easily but also extremely suitable for a door. It does not protrude too much when, for example, it is mounted on the door frame.

Fast response time

Not only slow but also faster hand movements are detected by the door switch, as long as they are within the detection range of 30 cm.


Silver, Black

Sealing class

Measuring range

10 - 30 cm




Microwave doppler radar

Power supply

12 - 24 Vac, 12 - 30 Vdc

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