LGS N25 Lidar

LGS N25 Lidar of 360° for navigation and object profiling of Datasensing.

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Powerful Lidar from Datasensing

Natural navigation, detailed environmental mapping and accurate object measurement are now possible with Datasensing's advanced LIDAR N25. This innovative scanner offers seamless integration for both indoor and outdoor applications, allowing vehicles to navigate effortlessly in diverse environments. The powerful capabilities of this LIDAR include not only object measurement and profiling, but also recognition of shapes, surfaces and volumes. Discover the extraordinary precision of Datasensing's LIDAR N25 and improve mapping efficiency while obtaining reliable and detailed environmental information.



  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 65x65x70
  • Suitable for outdoor applications
    •  IP67
    • Withstands moderate rain
    • High rejection of ambient light
  • Wide temperature range
  • Up to 25Hz scanning frequency (with 1° angular resolution)
  • Up to 0.25° angular resolution (with 10Hz scanning frequency)
  • Up to 25m range with white 90% or reflective target
  • Up to 5m range with black 2% target
  • Absolute accuracy: +/- 30 mm
  • Repeat accuracy < 20 mm
  • 360° angle range
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