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The bks-3/CIU is an ultrasonic sensor for web edge control with 6 mm range. Ideal for controlling the web side of highly transparent materials such as thin films. Equipped with 4-20 mA and 0-10 Vdc output.

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The bks-3/CIU ultrasonic web edge sensor from microsonic is a fork sensor that can detect the edges of sound-absorbent materials, such as foils and paper. This makes the bks sensors ideal for the web guiding of highly transparent foils, light-sensitive materials, materials with a fluctuating transparency and paper with high paper dust pollution. The bks-3/CIU covers a measuring range of 6 mm.

The working principle

The fork housing is equipped with a transmitter on one side that emits short cyclical sound pulses. These pulses are detected by the receiver on the other side of the same housing. A material that goes through the fork opening and partially or completely covers the emitted sound pulse and mutes or attenuates the signal that is received by the receiver. This weakened signal is internally processed by the sensor. An analog signal is sent out depending on the amount of attenuation of the sound pulse. The analog output can be 0-10 Vdc as well as 4-20 mA. The operating range of the sensor is 8 mm (± 4 mm). The web edge sensor has a fork width of 30 mm and a fork opening of 33 mm. Other dimensions for fork widths and openings are available on request. The sensor housing has two holes for mounting and is equipped with a 5-pin M12-connector.

With the Teach-in button on the top side of the web edge sensor it is possible to teach the start position of the web edge. This calibration can be performed in two ways:

  • Clear the fork opening of any web material;
  • Press and hold the button for approx. 3 seconds until the two yellow LED’s start flashing on and off;
  • The starting position is calibrated!


  • Position the web edge between the two markings on the fork opening in such way that it covers 50% of the sound pulse;
  • Press and hold the button for approx. 10 seconds until the two yellow LED’s turn on and stay so continuously;
  • The starting position is calibrated!

Three LED’s indicate the position of the material within the fork opening of the sensor. These LED’s can also be turned off for use in applciations with light-sensitive materials. The bks-sensors are pre-configured and ready to use. Optionally, the LinkControl LCA-2-adapter LinkControl LCA-2 adapter can be used for this.

Additional information


5-pin M12 connector



Sealing class



Measuring range

6 mm

Response time

4 ms




Ultrasonic sensor


0 - 10 V, 4 - 20 mA


Edge guiding sensors

Power supply

20 - 30 Vdc

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