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LCA-2 Link control adapter and software for microsonic ultrasonic sensors. Setting, parameterizing and data logging in graphically clear view. Supplied in a suitcase, including software, manual and connection accessories. NOTE: only works with mic-, mic+, vnp, pico+, lpc+, lcs, lcs+, ucs, crm+, hps+, pms, dbk+4, dbk+5, esp-4, and esf-1 series.

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LCA-2 Linkcontrol is an adapter with USB interface for connecting your microsonic sensors to a PC or Laptop. With the supplied and also free downloadable Linkcontrol software, the parameters of the ultrasonic sensors of the mic +, mic-, vnp, pico +, lpc +, lcs, lcs + ucs, crm +, hps +, pms, dbk + 4, dbk + 5, esp -4, and esf-1 series can be configured under Windows®.

Configuration screen sensors with an analog output

Below you can see how analog sensors can be set via the software.

The LinkControl software for microsonic sensors

The current measured values of the ultrasonic sensors can be graphically represented in the LinkControl software. There are three different graphs available for this. The “LinkCopy” function allows a download of the sensor parameters from the sensor in the LCA-2 and then the upload of these parameters into another sensor. This makes it very convenient to copy sensor settings from one sensor to another. The offline programming within LinkCopy. With some sensor families, the sensor settings copied to the LCA-2 can be displayed and edited directly on the digital display before being written back into a sensor. For the “LinkCopy” function, the LinkControl adapter must not be connected to a PC.

Configuration screen sensors with an analog output

Below you can see how analog sensors can be set via the software.

The IO-Link software for microsonic sensors

The LCA-2 reads the parameters from the sensor and stores them internally in an EEPROM. The data is therefore retained in the LinkControl Adapter even after the supply voltage has been switched off and can therefore also be used as an archive for the sensor setting. With the built-in TeachBox, all ultrasonic sensors can be conveniently set, which are taught to the sensor plug by means of pin 5 (mic, pico +, lpc, lcs, esf series). The LinkControl adapter LCA-2 is integrated between the sensor connection cable and the sensor, a PC or laptop is not necessary. With the “Teach-in” procedure using the two buttons T1 and T2, the display shows the length of the button press in seconds.

Additional information


4-pin M12-connector

Sealing class


Push button (s), LED display





Power supply

9 - 30 Vdc, 90 - 265 Vac

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