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mic+35/DD/TC/E is an ultrasonic sensor in stainless steel M30 stainless steel housing with LED display and a range from 65 up to 600 mm, 2 x PNP output.

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The mic+35/DD/TC/E ultrasonic sensors from microsonic for level measurements with 2x PNP switching output in an M30 stainless steel housing has a measuring range from 65 up to 600 mm. Depending on the measurement distance the resolution of the sensor has a resolution between 0.025 and 4.2 mm. The mic+35/DD/TC/E is also equipped with temperature compensation.


With TouchControl all settings of the sensors can be adjusted. The easy-to-read 3-digit LED display continuously shows the currently measured distance and automatically switches between display in mm and cm. Below the display there are two buttons that help set the sensor and cycle through the menu. The switching points of the switching outputs and the window of the analog output can be set numerically using the display. The object to be detected does not have to be present to set the outputs. This makes it possible to teach the sensor without being present at the application location or using a reflector.


LinkControl consists of the LinkControl adapter and added software that allow the mic+ sensors to be set-up through a PC or laptop with the Windows® operating system. All settings in the TouchControl menu can be read, edited via the PC or laptop, saved and sent back to the sensor - all during the operation of the sensor. The two measurement displays offer a solution in complex automation applications by visualizing the distance values.


In an application with up to ten sensors operating in the same room, the synchronization and multiplexing are automatically provided by the sensors. The sensor with the largest measuring range determines the switching frequency of the entire measurement. The synchronization is active when the sensors are electrically connected via pin 5 of the round M12 connector. All sensors measure synchronously at the same time. When mounted equally spaced, the sensors can receive each other's echo signals. This can be used, for example, to extend the measuring range of a sensor. If more than 10 sensors need to be synchronized, a SyncBox 1 can be used.

In multiplex configuration, each sensor only receives its own echo signal. This completely prevents mutual interference. To achieve this, each sensor is assigned its own number from 1 to 10 in the configuration menu. The sensors then operate in multiplex mode and measurements are taken in ascending order of the assigned numbers.


5-pin M12 connector

Amount of outputs




Sealing class


COM input, Push button (s), LED display, Link control, Multiplex, Synchronization, Temperature compensation


Stainless steel

Measuring range

65 - 600 mm

Response time

64 ms

Switching frequency

12 Hz






Distance sensor

Power supply

9 - 30 Vdc

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