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pico+15/WK/I is an M18 ultrasonic sensor with right-angled head, 4-20 mA analog output and a range from 20 up to 250 mm.

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The pico+15/WK/I ultrasonic sensors from microsonic with 1x analog (4-20 mA) output is a compact series in M18 screw thread housing with a length of just 41 mm. In addition to the variant with the 90° right-angled sensor head there is a variant with a normal sensor head.

The pico+15/WK/I detects from 20 mm up to 250 mm. With three different measuring and detecting ranges, the sensors from the pico+ series are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Sensors with a PushPull-output support the SIO and IO-Link modes. The sensors with analog output are optionally available with a current-based 4-20 mA output or a voltage-based 0-10 V output.

In the SIO-mode the sensors are configured through pin 5 with the microsonic teach-in procedure.

LinkControl allows the user to make use of the extensive configuration possibilities of the pico+ sensors. Through the LCA-2 LinkControl adapter, that is available as an accessory, the pico+ sensors can be connected to the PC.


5-pin M12 connector



Sealing class


COM-input, Linkcontrol



Measuring range

20 – 250 mm

Response time

32 ms




4 - 20 mA


Distance sensor

Power supply

10 - 30 Vdc

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