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The scs is a specially developed mobile ultrasonic sensor from microsonic suited for wireless level measurements in outdoorp applications, such as in bottle banks or in underground containers. The sensors have a robust housing with a range up to 2 meter and a long-life battery. Moreover the sensors are easy to set up via an app or IoT platform.

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Efficient, environment-friendly and cheap ultrasonic sensor solution

Bottle banks and other underground containers are now checked for level once in a while. Here it can occur that containers are far from full or in the worst case are already overflown. With the help of the scs sensors are only planned rides to the bottle banks or containers the moment the level has reached a predetermined percentage. This results in a more efficient, more environment-friendly and cheaper waste disposal process.

Safe data transmission via a LoRaWAN network

The scs sensors are easy to integrate in a LoRaWAN network. This way data can be safely communicated between sensors in a bottle bank and for example a truck that is picking these up when the predetermined level is reached.




Measuring range

2 m.




Ultrasonic sensor


Distance sensor

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