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With soundpipes you narrow the ultrasonic sound cones of the microsonic sensors "mechanically". This allows the user to make the sensors detect or measure through narrow openings or shafts.

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The SoundPipe can be used with all zws-15 or zws-7 sensors. It ensures a strongly bundled sound cone and thus allows measurements in boreholes or openings with a diameter of less than 5 mm. The measurement can be taken directly from the sound outlet, because the blind zone is within the SoundPipe. The SoundPipe is placed on the front of the zws-15 or zws-7 sensor and fixed with plastic glue.

A typical area of application is a level measurement in the so-called wells of microplates that are used in medical analysis technology. The SoundPipe can be placed directly above the opening. This simplifies the exact positioning. Another application is to scan narrow holes with a width of a few millimeters between two objects.

The zws- sensors are ideal for scanning circuit boards and wafers in the electronics industry or for use in a packaging machine, where high-transparency films have to be detected.

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