The wms-25/RT/HV/M18E is an ultrasonic sensor with a range from 30 up to 350 mm equipped with an echo signal output. Costs are saved due to the lack of a microprocessor. Also available in an ATEX version.

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WMS ultrasonic sensors

The wms- ultrasonic sensors are equipped with an echo signal output. The customer is responsible for providing a signal and reading the values. In contrast to standard ultrasonic sensors, the WMS sensors are not equipped with a microprocessor. This makes the wms ultrasonic sensors a cost-effective solution.
The sensor signal input is momentarily connected to -UB via an open-collector circuit through the customer's control system. The echo signal output then transmits all echo signals received as 1-bit values (echo yes/no) depending on their duration. This takes between 8 and 65 ms, depending on the type of sensor. The distance calculation and subsequent processing of the signal is also performed in the user's operating system.

Additional information


4-pin M12-connector



Sealing class


ATEX, COM input, Push button(s), Temperature compensation


Stainless steel

Measuring range

30 - 350 mm




Ultrasonic sensor




Distance sensor

Power supply

10 - 30 Vdc

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