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zws-15/CD/QS from microsonic

zws-15/CD/QS is the most commonly used sensor in packaging machines and transport lines due to its compact design, narrow cone and fast response time. The sensor is equipped with a 250 mm sensing distance, PNP switching output and fully water resistant (IP67) housing.

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The zws-15/CD/QS ultrasonic sensors for level measurement from microsonic with 1x PNP (NO+NC) switching output have a measuring range from 20 mm up to 250 mm.

Miniature housing

The miniature housing of the zws- sensors have dimensions of just 20 mm x 32 mm x 12 mm. The design and housing allow the sensor to be an excellent replacement for optical sensors in critical applications. This makes it easier for existing systems to switch to an ultrasonic sensor.


The teach-in button on top of the zws- sensors allows easy adjustment of the sensor. Two LEDs next to the teach-in button indicate the status of the switching output or the analog output.

Synchronisation of zws- sensors

Through the teaching input on pin 2, multiple zws-sensors can be synchronised with each other. The SyncBox 2that is available as an accessory sends out a synchronisation signal to all sensors through pin 2. This allows up to 50 sensors to be synchronised independently.

Temperature compensation

The temperature compensation for the analog sensors could be significantly improved once again. After switching on the operating voltage, the sensors reach their operating point after only 45 seconds.

zws-15 sensors with SoundPipe for level measurements in the smallest openings

A soundpipe guides a strongly concentrated soundcone directly to the desired measuring target. A SoundPipe zws 1, that is available as an accessory, can be used for every zws-15 and zws-7 sensor. This allows it to narrow the sound cone to such an extent that it can be directed onto measuring surfaces with a diameter of less than 5 mm. The measurement is valid right out of the soundpipe because the blind zone of the sensor is situated in the soundpipe.

The SoundPIpe zws1 is mounted onto the front side of the zws-15 or zws-7 sensors. A typical application is a level measurement in the so-called wells of a microplate that is used in medical analysis technology. The SoundPipe zws1 and the sensor can be mounted directly above the opening which makes a correct positioning easier. The SoundPipe can also be used in order to inspect a narrow space of just a few millimeters between two objects. The zws- sensors are ideal because of this for the inspection of circuit boards and silicon wafers in the electronics industry or detecting highly transparent foils in the packaging industry.


Additional information


4-pin M8 connector



Sealing class


COM-input, Push button(s), Temperature compensation



Measuring range

20 – 250 mm

Response time

24 ms

Switching frequency

25 Hz




Ultrasonic sensor




Distance sensor

Power supply

20 - 30 Vdc

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