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GLOSS-15-60° gloss measurement sensor for inline gloss measurements is suitable for matte materials like paper. The sensor is equipped with 0-10 Vdc and 4-20 mA output and RS232 interface. Also available in stainless steel.

approximately 6 to 8 weeks
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The GLOSS-15-60° and the GLOSS-15-60°-STST gloss measurement sensor for inline gloss measurements is ideally suited for normal to matte materials. The sensor measures continuously in the production process. The gloss, gloss degree or gloss value of the surface is expressed in GU (Gloss Units). Depending on the sensor and the material to be measured, Gloss Units are measured between 0 (no gloss) and 100 (high gloss) GU. When the gloss level is 80, the GLOSS-15-60° is perfect for this. The sensor generates a constant, reproducible and reliable measurement. This is achieved, among other things, by the working distance of 20 mm and the angle of the sensor to the material of 60 degrees, which conforms to the TAPPI standard in the paper industry.

These measuring devices are often used in various industries, such as the paint industry, automotive industry, plastics production, paper industry, copper production and even in the cosmetics industry. These gloss meters are important in quality control processes to ensure that surfaces meet specific gloss requirements or to ensure consistency in manufacturing processes. These measurements are important for ensuring consistent quality of surfaces, for example when checking paint finishes on cars, evaluating the gloss of plastic products, or even when assessing the degree of gloss in cosmetic products such as lipstick or nail polish.

The sensor comes with software for Windows® for the purpose of parameterization. Up to 7 gloss values can be stored. Via an analog output (0-10 Vdc/4-20 mA) the measured gloss value is outputted. Also an RS232 interface is available for data exchange. If an Ethernet interface is used, the cab-usb4/ETH can optionally be used. The cab-usb4/USB converter is widely used for connection to a computer via USB.

Using the GLOSS-15-60°-CAL the sensor can be periodically calibrated for reliable measurement. In addition, it is possible to use GLOSS-15-60°-OFL use a sensor as a handheld meter at the ideal measuring distance. This allows an identical measurement value to be obtained in a laboratory as during the production process.

The GLOSS-15-60°-STST is a stainless steel version of the sensor.

Sealing class





Opening angle



Matt surfaces, Paper (TAPPI)


0 - 10 V, 4 - 20 mA

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