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The L-LAS-LT-2500-XXL is a displacement sensor with a range of 2600 mm (1000 mm to 3600 mm), an accuracy of 250 µm and a switching frequency of 185 Hz (Normal), 375 kHz (Double speed) or 750 Hz (quadruple speed). The sensor is equipped with 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs and 1 analog outputs (0 - 10 V). The laser communicates via the RS232 interface and uses LED-indication.

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The LAS-LT-XL/XXL series from Sensor Instruments are displacement sensors in IP67 housing. The XL and XXL series are specifically suited in applications in which a bigger/ extra big range is desired. The XL series has a range up to 800 mm and the XXL series has even a range up to 2600 mm. The switching frequency of the XL series is 750 Hz in normal speed and 1.5 kHz in double speed. The XXL series has a frequency of 185 Hz in normal speed, 375 Hz in double speed and 750 Hz in quadruple speed. The sensors are provided with 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs (PNP/NPN and NO+NC) and a model with an additional analog output (0 - 10 V or 4 - 20 mA). Furthermore the L-LAS-LT-XL/XXL series communicate via RS232 interface. With the USB- or Ethernet convertor the laser can connect with a Windows computer and be configured with the supplied software in a graphical clear display.

Additional information


260 mm x 95 mm x 45 mm

Sealing class





LED display

Laser class


Measuring range

2600 mm


250 μm

Switching frequency

185 Hz, 375 Hz, 750 Hz




Laser sensor


0 - 10 V, NC, NO, NPN, PNP

Amount of outputs




Power supply

24 Vdc

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Roeland van Meijl

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