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The L-LAS-RL-20-W is a reflective line sensor, suited for very diverse measuring applications, where the measurement is performed from 1 side. For example with contolling the web edge of films, paper, cardboard or textiles, the detection of double layers of materials such as a stack of steel sheets, or measuring the diameter of a borehole. By dropping the reflected light of the integrated LED-diodes on a line sensor (CCD), the sensor can determine a postion of a transition by analyzing the video signal of the line sensor. The sensor has a range up to 20 mm and kan measure transitions with a resolution of 20μm. (min. object size 0.1 mm)

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The L-LAS-RL series

Video signal of the L-LAS-RL when controlling the web edge (such as film, cardboard, etc.)

L-LAS-RL sensors are reflective line sensors from Sensor Instruments in which a diffuse light source combined with a CCD line detector is incorporated into one housing. The light source consists of 9 white LED diodes whose light shines homogeneously on the measurement surface using a diffuser. The reflected light from the LED diodes landing on the CCD is visualized in a video signal. Dips or peaks in light intensity can indicate a transition from light to dark, changes in distance or the angle of an object. Because the position in this video signal can be converted to a distance, a measurement can be made at the micrometer level. The sensor has a working distance 55 mm with a measuring range of about 20 mm. Settings can be made via a teach button, as well as via the included parameterization software for Windows. The sensors have an analog output (0-10Vdc or 4-20 mA), 3 digital outputs and are equipped with an RS232 interface.


4-pole Ø32 connector (Binder 707), 8-pole Ø32 connector (Binder 712)


133 mm x Ø32 mm

Sealing class





Push button (s), LED display



Measuring range

20 mm

Mounting height

55 mm


20 μm

Switching frequency

500 Hz




0 - 10 V, 4 - 20 mA, NC, NO, NPN, PNP

Amount of outputs


Power supply

24 Vdc

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