The LUMI-STAR-INLINE series are imaging readers from Sensor Instruments suited for reading chemical markers on recycled plastic products. The smartphone is capable of reading the fluorescent marker particles (TagTec masterbatch) which are processed in the recycled plastic products. With the STAR-markers one specific area on the plastic product is read out. In this area, all TagTec particles are randomly distributed so that one unique (STAR) code arises for every product. These codes are then stored in the cloud memory on a PC or a laptop and counts as a reference code. The result is that a distinction can be made between recycled plastic used for example for chemical substances or for the food and beverages industry. As a result the quality and safety of new recycled plastic products can be guaranteed.

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Light sources are available in the following wave lengths as source of exciation light: UVA, Blue & Red. The secundair emission follows in the VIS(visible) or NIR (Near-Infrared-Range) wavelength depending on the excitation light.

  • UVA excitation - VIS
  • Blue excitation - VIS (from yellow) or NIR
  • Red excitation - NIR

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