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The SPECTRO-1-20-UVC-DIL-OFL is a plastic offline spacer from Sensor Instruments and can be mounted on the model SPECTRO-1-20-UVC-DIL contrast sensor. This way the sensor can be used as a handheld device. The distance to the measurable object is 20 mm with direct impact.

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This spacer is suited for performing offline measurements. With offline measurements a spacer is mounted on a sensor which makes it a handheld device to for example randomly check the color quality of products. The sensor now does not have to be mounted in a fixed position above a conveyor.

To remain consistent it is important that the measurement is always carried out with the same distance to the product. The moment that the spacer is mounted on the sensor, the customer can place his sensor on the product that should be supervised and thus always has the same measuring distance.

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