i-Tec Mini series

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The i-Tec Mini is a pyrometer with touchscreen display and RS485 Modbus interface. The i-Tec Mini series measures temperatures between -20 ° C to 1000 ° C. Has a 4-20 mA output or relay output. The i-Tec Mini comes in different models, so there is also a choice from the i-Tec Mini SW. This is well applicable in applications with hot metals. The i-Tec Mini HA could be used as a replacement for the i-Tec Mini fiber, as the i-Tec Mini HA is also usable in applications with high ambient temperatures.

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The i-Tec Mini, the successor to the i-Tec 2005, is an infrared spot meter for temperature measurement, with a separate signal processing module. This keeps the sensor extra compact for applications where installation space is scarce. The i-Tec Mini is equipped with a touchscreen display, which shows you real-time measurement data in a clear graphic display. The display also offers you the possibility to log data directly to a MicroSD card. In addition to an analog 4-20 mA output, you have two relay alarm outputs. The temperature range of the i-Tec Mini is adjustable between -20 and 1000 ° C. The emissivity of the sensor is adjustable.

Touchscreen display
The touch screen display with bright backlight is integrated in the signal processing module and presents real-time temperature information in clearly readable numbers. It also allows the user to configure the sensor as desired. The display contains a function that shows the measurement history in a graph. When activating set relay alarms, the screen changes color.


Additional information

Sealing class


8 - 14 µm




± 0.5%, ± 0.5 ° C

Response time

240 ms


i-Tec Mini, i-Tec Mini SW


Temperature sensor

Spot ratio

15:1, 2:1, 20:1, 25:1, 30:1, Close Focus

Temperature range

-20°C tot 1000°C


General usage, Reflecting metals / Detection of high temperatures, Useable in applications with high ambient temperatures


4 - 20 mA


Wiens displacement law

Power supply

24 Vdc

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