i-Tec USB series

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i-Tec USB are infrared temperature sensors which can be configured through Windows-software. Select the right version for your application based on the application itself, desired temperature range and spot ratio (mounting distance with relation to spot size).

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The i-Tec USB is one of the most versatile pyrometers in our range of temperature sensors. The sensors measure temperatures of surfaces of objects consistently and accurately and without contact. The analog output (4 - 20 mA) can be used on all controllers, recording equipment, or data logger. In addition, the new i-Tec USB series is supported by the Modbus protocol, so multiple sensors can be included in a network of sensors and control units. This series is configured based on application, temperature range, spot ratio and the choice of whether or not to use an air or water-cooled housing.

i-Tec USB is has also been made suitable for touch screen computers via the supplied software. This user-friendly interface allows the user to set a distance and emissivity or compensate for reflective emissivity from certain materials, among other things. Filters can also be applied and the output values can be set to display the mean, peak, or lowest measured value. Another functionality is setting alarms or logging data in a *.CSV file. i-Tec USB pyrometers are standardly equipped with a 1 meter fixed cable. Longer lengths are available on request.

The new i-Tec USB series is available in 3 versions:

  • USB2: specially designed for the measurement of (reflective) metals and/or high temperatures (wavelength 2 - 2.6 µm)
  • USB5*: specially designed for the measurement of glass (wavelength 5 µm)
  • USB8: for general use (wavelength 8 - 14 µm)

* this version is only available on request

Spot ratios (Fielf of View) for the different series:

  • USB2: 15:1 (LT or PT), 25:1 (MT or HT), 75:1 (MT or HT)
  • USB5: 25:1
  • USB8: 30:1, CF (ø 5 mm @ 100 mm)

Spot ratios based on Spot size vs. Mounting distance:

  • 15:1 (ø 100 mm spot @ 1500 mm distance) / (ø 215 mm spot @ 3000 mm distance)
  • 25:1 (ø 60 mm spot @ 1500 mm distance) / (ø 135 mm spot @ 3000 mm distance)
  • 75:1 (ø 20 mm spot @ 1500 mm distance) / (ø 55 mm spot @ 3000 mm distance)
  • 30:1 (ø 32 mm spot @ 500 mm distance) / (ø 48 mm spot @ 1000 mm distance)
  • CF (ø 5 mm spot @ 100 mm distance) / (ø 15 mm spot @ 200 mm distance)

Temperature range for the USB2:

  • LT: 45°C* up to 300°C
  • PT: 100°C up to 400°C
  • MT: 250°C up to 1000°C
  • HT: 450°C up to 2000°C

Temperature range for USB5:

  • GLT: 50°C* up to 1000°C
  • GLH: 200°C up to 1650°C

Temperature range for the USB8:

  • -40°C* up to 1000°C

Application examples for the i-Tec USB

Food processing industry
Measure the temperature of hot foods in glass containers from 45°C up to 300°C with i-Tec USB2 models or, in case of higher temperatures, with the i-Tec USB5. The pyrometer measures the temperature of the product through the glass; measured values can be put online without interrupting production. Other applications include temperature monitoring of pasteurization processes and temperature measurements of bare stainless steel surfaces on food production machines such as hot rollers and conveyors
Paper, printing and converting
i-Tec USB2 models can be used for monitoring the surface temperature of hot steel rolls, suc h as steam-heated drying cilinders om the production of paper. i-Tec USB8-models are very suited for accurate temperature measurements of paper.
Bearings, gearboxes and shafts
Contactless temperature measurement of blanked steel surfaces: the i-Tec USB2 is less sensitive to errors caused by reflections than sensors with a long wavelength.
Wind energy
i-Tec USB2 models can monitor the surface temperature of brake discs in wind turbines in order to warn for overheating but also optimize the cooling cycle. Furthermore, the i-Tec USB8 models are suited for the measurement of non-reflective parts of the turbine such as the gearboxes and bearing housings. Non-contact infrared sensors can monitor the temperature of vibrating parts while being isolated from these vibrations.
The coating of pipes
Temperature measurements with the i-Tec USB2 can be performed on oven- or induction-heated pipes and tubes. This is useful in the pre-heating phase, before the product is coated
Extrusion, forging and casting
The i-Tec USB2 models are ideal for measuring the temperature of steel molds and workpieces in extrusion, forging and casting because of the short wavelength
The high temperature capacity of the i-Tec USB2 is ideal for measuring the temperature of hot objects in ovens, including heat treating ovens in steel factories.
Braking discs
i-Tec USB2 sensors allow non-contact measurements of braking temperatures of ceramics, carbon, iron and steel between 45°C and 2000°C on braking test installations.
By using a short wavelength the i-Tec USB2 allows an accurate measurement on reflective materials, such as iron and steel. Applications are steel rolls at low temperatures in col rolling mills, temperature measurements before the heating oven and at the coiler in the hot rolling mill.

Additional information

Sealing class


2.2 µm, 5 µm, 8 – 14 µm




Lucht/water gekoelde behuizing, Sensor zonder koeling


± 0.5%, ± 0.5 ° C

Response time

200 ms


i-Tec USB


Temperature sensor

Spot ratio

15:1, 25:1, 30:1, 75:1, Close Focus

Temperature range

-40°C tot 1000°C, 100℃ tot 400℃, 200℃ tot 1650℃, 250℃ tot 1000℃, 45℃ tot 300℃, 450℃ tot 2000℃, 50°C tot 1000°C


General usage, Glass, Reflecting metals / Detection of high temperatures


4 - 20 mA


Wiens displacement law

Power supply

24 Vdc

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