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SG10 series

Special light grid for gates, fencing and other statically arranged horizontally closing access systems. Suitable for outdoor applications. Available in profile heights from 85 cm to 280 cm and ranges up to 10 meters or 14 meters.

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The SG10 series of light grids from Telco Sensors consist of a separate transmitter and receiver that must be placed facing each other. These are built in a 12 x 30 mm aluminum housing with a 5 m. fixed cable, relay and a 10- 30 Vdc power supply. With the automatic sensitivity adjustment, no on-site adjustments or configurations are required during installation.

Profile heightRangeTransmitterArt. nr.ReceiverArt. nr.
85 cm10 meters

SGT 10-085-016-A1-C-01-5

SGR 10-085-016-A1-C-07-5

125 cm10 meters

SGT 10-125-024-A1-C-01-5

SGR 10-125-024-A1-C-07-5

160 cm10 meters

SGT 10-160-032-A1-C-01-5

SGR 10-160-032-A1-C-07-5

200 cm10 meters

SGT 10-200-040-A1-C-01-5

SGR 10-200-040-A1-C-07-5

240 cm10 meters

SGT 10-240-048-A1-C-01-5

SGR 10-240-048-A1-C-07-5

280 cm10 meters

SGT 10-280-056-A1-C-01-5

SGR 10-280-056-A1-C-07-5

85 cm14 meters

SGT 10-085-016-A1-C-01-5/S14

SGR 10-085-016-A1-C-07-5/S14

125 cm14 meters

SGT 10-125-024-A1-C-01-5/S14

SGR 10-125-024-A1-C-07-5/S14

160 cm14 meters

SGT 10-160-032-A1-C-01-5/S14

SGR 10-160-032-A1-C-07-5/S14

200 cm14 meters

SGT 10-200-040-A1-C-01-5/S14

SGR 10-200-040-A1-C-07-5/S14

240 cm14 meters

SGT 10-240-048-A1-C-01-5/S14

SGR 10-240-048-A1-C-07-5/S14

280 cm14 meters

SGT 10-280-056-A1-C-01-5/S14

SGR 10-280-056-A1-C-07-5/S14


5 m. Fixed cable


12 x 30 mm

Sealing class

Channel spacing

46 mm


Integrated controller

Measuring range

10 m., 14 m.


85 cm, 125 cm, 160 cm, 200 cm, 240 cm, 280 cm




Fences, Gates


NC, NO, Solid-state

Power supply

10 - 30 Vdc

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