SMM 01 4033L S50P 5

Radar sensor for the detection of persons and objects for elevator doors, shop doors or escalators. Suited for walking direction detection. Due to the use of microwaves it is suitable for placement behind a plastic wall and therefore completely out of sight.

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The Telco Sensors SpaceMotion is a doppler radar sensor that detects motion in a defined area using microwaves. By using the latest technologies, the Radar Sensor, with its compact housing, can be placed behind plastic constructions and thus completely hidden from sight.

The sensor makes a distinction in movement away from the sensor and towards the sensor. For example, in places with several elevator doors next to each other, where people walk from one elevator door to another. The measuring range of the Radar Sensor is divided into "low speed" and "high speed" zones for fast and slow moving objects.


The distance distribution of these zones, but also the maximum range of the sensor itself is adjustable from 0 to 100%. Background suppression can also be set to filter out continuous motion objects, such as the moving handrail of escalators.


SMM 01 4033L S50P 5 is the Low Frequency model. In an application in which two radar sensors are placed close to each other, one is low frequency and the other is a high frequency model in order prevent interference.

escalator radar sensor

Additional information


5 m. Fixed cable


50 x 50 x 30 mm

Sealing class

Measuring range

3 m.


Radar sensor


NC, Solid-state

Amount of outputs



Microwave doppler radar

Power supply

10 - 30 Vdc

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