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The KS72 Design BWM 24VAC/DC GN/YE/RD is a completely preassembled signal tower from Werma in a silver design look housing. This model has an unique article number and consists of a couple of seperate elements. This signal tower has 3 optical elements with the colours green, yellow and red with a permanent and blinking (TwinLight) indication, has no siren element, can be base mounted as well as on the wall with a mounting bracket and has a terminal element with a 24 VAC/DC power supply . It is possible to add seperate elements depending on the wishes in the application.

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The KombiSIGN 72 are modular signal towers from Werma can be completely assembled by customers. All elements of the signal towers are set up fast and easily and offer an excellent visibility and flexibility in a wide range of applications. Think of mounting on machines, equipment and conveyor belts or other automated systems.

To assemble the signal tower which connects best with the demands in an application a couple of choices should be made. The options the customer has in the assembling of a signal tower are given below:

Choice 1:It is possible to integrate a buzzer in the signal towers. A choice is therefore to be made between 2, 4 or 8 tones which all have a adjusting noise level via a DIP-switch. 

AccessoriesBuzzer (2 tones)Buzzer (8 tones)
Integrated buzzers

Choice 2: A distinction is made in two light effects; TwinLight & Twinflash. It is then possible to pick out the desired colours for the signal towers. The signal tower has a maximum of 5 layers and there are 6 colours available (Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Transparent & Multicolor).

 GreenYellowRedBlueTransparentMulticolor (7)
TwinLight (Permanent blinking light)
TwinFlash (Flashes and EVS (Irregular signalling)

Choice 3: Next, a choice can be made to operate the signal tower with or without IO-Link interface. Then a terminal element should be chosen which fits the mounting method in the application.

Choice 4: At last there is wide range of mounting possibilities available. Think possibly of an extension tube and a choice in different tube mounting, base mounting and single hole mounting.

Sealing class




Green + Yellow + Red




KombiSIGN 72



Power supply

24 Vdc

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