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LP-HFD2 series

The LP-HFD2 are accurate laser projectors for projecting polygons. The opening angle of the laser is 80° or 60°. The projector uses a green 7mW or 14mW, a red 7mW or a yellow 7 mW laser. There are models available with extra options such as an integrated cooler or a model with a tele-optic.

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The LP-HFD2 is the successor of the known and reliable LP-HFD. Besides a new housing, the technical specifications are also improved and further optimized. The new LP-HFD2 has for example the possibility to project more colors at the same time (red, green and yellow). The laser projector is equipped with an output power of 7mW, which can be extended to a maximum of 40mW. The projector is suitable for projection distances ranging from 50cm and 7m. Tele-version is even suited to realize projection distances up to 14m. The data communication can be taken care of via Ethernet, serial or by using a PLC.
  • Fast, accurate and stable laser projection
  • Optimized for 3D objects
  • Great opening angle allows large projections
  • Industrial IP65 housing
  • Improved temperature management
  • Use in ambient temperatures up to 60°C through water cooling
  • External power supply with improved functionalities
  • Data communication through serial or Ethernet
  • Optional water-cooling
  • Optional in multi-color projection
VersionsPowerColor(Wavelength)AccuracyOpening angle


7 mWRed(638nm)0.25mm/mwith 80º opening angle


7 mWGreen(520nm)0.25mm/mwith 80º opening angle


7 mWGreen(520nm)0.25mm/mwith 80º opening angle and integrated cooler


7 mW/7 mWGreen(520nm)/Red(638nm)0.25mm/mwith 80º opening angle


7 mW/7 mW/14 mWGreen(520nm)/Red(638nm)/ Yellow(520nm+638nm)0.25mm/mwith 80º opening angle


7 mWRed(638nm)0.1mm/mwith 60º aperture angle


7 mWGreen(520nm)0.1mm/mwith 60º aperture angle


7 mW/7 mWGreen(520nm)/Red(638nm)0.1mm/mwith 60º aperture angle


7 mW/7 mW/14 mWGreen(520nm)/Red(638nm)/ Yellow(520nm+638nm)0.1mm/mwith 60º aperture angle


14 mWGreen(520nm)0.25mm/mwith 80º opening angle


14 mW/14 mWGreen(520nm)/Red(638nm)0.25mm/mwith 80º opening angle


7 mWGreen(520nm)0.2mm/m

with 60º opening angle and with a Tele-optic


14 mWGreen(520nm)0.2mm/mwith 60º opening angle and with a Tele-optic
Sealing class


Ethernet, RS232


Integrated cooler



Laser class

2M, 3R

Opening angle

60º, 80º


Line (standard), Tele-optic




7 mW, 7 / 14 mW, 14 mW

Power supply

24 Vdc

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