• Thermal


    Thermografie is het contactloos meten en registreren van deze straling via het infrarood beeld, en is daarmee verworden tot een van de meest gebruikte inspectiemiddelen met toepassingen in de bouw, elektrotechnische installaties, werktuigbouwkundige installaties, maar ook daar, waar het gaat om onderzoek en ontwikkeling van componenten en objecten. Het industriële thermografie pakket dat Sensor Partners aanbiedt is uitgerust met speciale…
  • Automated access technology

    Automated access technology

    The wide range of sensors from Sensor Partners has an exclusive selection of detection and security systems that are specifically designed for applications within access technology. The sensors are used in elevators, gates, fences, parking garages, industrial doors, barriers and escalators. These sensors are characterized by industrial quality, reliability and are provided with the appropriate certifications for the application.
  • Ultrasonic sensors

    Ultrasonic sensors

    microsonic is a big player in ultrasonic sensors for industrial automation. Since the founding of microsonic, more than 25 years ago, Sensor Partners has been the exclusive distributor of the product range for the Benelux. The expanding product package proves the innovative strength of microsonic. The highest possible product quality is also a priority here. Micro Detectors is an...
  • Photoelectric sensors

    Photoelectric sensors

    Telco Sensors is a Danish developer and manufacturer of a wide range of photoelectric sensors, photoelectric amplifiers, light curtains, fork and frame photoelectric sensors. As an exclusive distributor for the Benelux, Sensor Partners advises and supports its customers in the use of photoelectric sensors, and we, together with the customer, realize the most challenging applications every year. We are also at your disposal for special designs and custom-made adjustments.
  • Surface Inspection

    Surface Inspection

    Sensor Partners supplies sensors for the inline detection and measurement of colour, contrast, gloss and structure of products and surfaces. By using advanced techniques, integrated light sources and special optics and filters, a stable measurement environment is created to achieve the most accurate measurement possible. Our color sensors measure "True Color", the colors as the human interprets the color. The…
  • Laser


    The laser product group includes laser sensors to measure short or long distances to objects, determine diameters, measure displacements, count objects at very high speed, or position materials or objects.
  • Light grids

    Light grids

    Sensor Partners offers a wide range of light curtains for industrial automation with the robust products of Telco Sensors and Micro Detectors . Suitable for measuring, detecting and counting (irregular) objects in industrial environmental conditions. Consider the product inspection of pipes by means of a diameter measurement. In addition, there are specific light curtains that are known for their performance access technology. These light curtains have therefore become a household name in this industry.
  • Machine safety

    Machine safety

    Safety risks in production environments must be eliminated and otherwise limited as much as possible for both man and machine. Our products from the machine safety and occupational safety group ensure that the risk of injury to persons and damage to machines is reduced to a minimum. This is achieved through a range of certified products that protect man and machine. It ranges from restricting access to unsafe areas to protecting in the event of impact.
  • Proximity switches

    Proximity switches

    Proximity switches, are divided into inductive sensors and capacitive sensors. Inductive sensors switch on metal objects, where capacitive sensors are used to detect non-metal objects.
  • Radar sensors

    Radar sensors

    Radar sensors are sensors that are used in, for example, access technology and vehicles, but also in industrial processes to measure levels in tanks, basins, sewers or silos. Radar sensors can reliably detect moving objects or measure levels of liquids or solid materials, regardless of environmental conditions such as weather or high temperatures.
  • Infrared temperature sensors

    Infrared temperature sensors

    Pyrometers, also known as infrared temperature sensors, are sensors to determine the temperature of a surface without contact. The pyrometers are suitable for many different applications in the food industry, packaging industry and automotive industry. Our range consists of the most specialized series of temperature sensors, each of which excels in the most challenging environmental conditions, such as the ambient temperature around a metal furnace where the…
  • Accessories


    The accessories contribute to the robustness and reliability of the solution. Think of the right connection cables, mounting materials and special housings.