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    The accessories contribute to the robustness and reliability of the solution. Think of the right connection cables, mounting materials and special housings.

    • accessories and signal technology

      Signal technology

      Signaling Technology covers a wide range of optical and acoustic signaling solutions. The solutions provide protection and guidance for a variety of applications in the most challenging environmental conditions.Sensor Partners' range distinguishes between acoustic horns and sirens, optical signal and indicator lights, a combination of optical-acoustic signals and signal towers.
    • Connection cables from Murr Elektronik

      Connection cables

      Sensor Partners offers a wide range of connecting cables. Our range includes PVC or PUR connection cables, in various lengths and designs. The connection cables are standard equipped with IP67 or IP69K protection.Read the article here: "Everything you need to know about cables"
    • Housing for the LAM300 lasers


      Depending on the environment in which sensors are used, an additional housing can be necessary. Think of outdoor applications or environments with explosion danger (ATEX).
    • APS is the air vent module for the pyrometers of i-Tec.


      Protection may be necessary in some applications. This protection can be in order to protect sensors against, for example, high or low temperatures or extreme dirt. Think of air purge collars, water- or air-cooled housings or light protectors.
    • sks Bundle extender

      Beam limiters

      With soundpipes you narrow the ultrasonic sound cones of the microsonic sensors "mechanically". This allows the user to make the sensors detect or measure through narrow openings or shafts.
    • Crontroller from Telco Sensors


      Controllers to take industrial automation into your own hands. From the parametrisation of settings to the configuration of the switching output. After installation and configuration, controllers provide the possibility to monitor your industrial application.
    • Converter usb to rs422 and rs485


      Optically isolated convertors for converting a variety of industrial interfaces like USB, Ethernet, Profibus, RS232, RS433 or RS485.
    • Murr Elektronik's IO-Link master SOLID 67

      IO-Link Masters

      IO-Link field system for connecting sensors with IO-Link. IO-Link masters are suitable for the transmission of machine, process and diagnostic data. With integrated fieldbus interface Profinet and/or EthernetIP.
    • Mounting bracket Z-Laser


      An accurate and reliable measurement or detection requires a sturdy mounting of the sensors and has to resist external factors.
    • The ILR 50-50 RHE is a reflector for Telco Sensors reflector photocells.


      The optical triple reflectors are available in various measurements. The reflectors for ultrasonic sensors deflect the signal in a 90° angle in order to realise a right-angled detection.
    • Safety relay


      Looking for a relay? Below is a selection of relays compatible with supported sensors.The relays allow certain switching functionalities to be set (better). Want to learn more about relays? Read on.
    • Power supplies

      Power supplies

      Compact and industrial power supplies with high power reserves and low heat dissipation. Specifically used for certain series of sensors or for general use in a control box.