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    Signal technology

    The signal technology includes a wide range of optical and acoustic signalling solutions. The solutions offer protection and guidance in several applications in the most challenging environmental conditions.

    The assortment from Sensor Partners makes a distinction between acoustic horns and sirens, optical signalling and traffic lights, a combination of optical-acoustic signals and signal towers.

    • Horns and sirens from Werma

      Horns and sirens

      Acoustic signals are deployed when a signalling with light is not suffiicient or even unfit. The signals are used for reporting disruptions or as a warning in dangerous situations. The signalling principally works by one or multiple tones or tone sequences. Independent from language and writing culture they are understood all over the world, as with the optical signals.
    • Combination of optical-acoustic signals

      Particularly with automated production and in big machine halls, the big installations are often operated by few people. This causes that the optical signals are not always in the sight of the machine operators. The acoustic signal serves as an extra alarm here. The other way around it is possible that an acoustic warning signal is not heard in environments with much noise. In that case, the extra optical alarm ensures safety and reliability.
    • Signal beacons and traffic lights

      Signal beacons and traffic lights from Werma help you clearly identify risks and impending threats. The urgency of the desired action can be indicated by the color as well as the type and the duration of the signal. installations beacons are used for mounting in holes. Characteristic is the attachment from behind by using a central nut. Later manipulation from the outside is therefore excluded. Base mounting lights are directly mounted on the concerning object. The way to attach is principally possible as a bottom-, corner- or tubular mounting.
    • Signal towers

      Professional signalling makes it possible for employees to respond in time to disruptions and resolve problems faster. This ensures more safety and reduces reaction- and waiting times in several application areas.Modular Optical and acoustic signal elements can be flexibly combined with the modular signal towers. The modular construction makes integrating new elements possible afterwards. Ready-made configuration The signal towers from Werma have a ready-made configuration which can be ordered as a compact unit with just one article number. This way, the ordering and mounting runs a lot easier.