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Machine safety

Safety risks in production environments must be eliminated and otherwise limited as much as possible for both man and machine. Our products from the machine safety and occupational safety group ensure that the risk of injury to persons and damage to machines is reduced to a minimum. This is achieved through a range of certified products that protect man and machine. It ranges from restricting access to unsafe areas to protecting in the event of impact.

  • Machine safety with switch bumpers

    Safety bumpers

    HSB® safety bumpers from Haake are used for protecting against risks at shearing and crushing edges, for instance at machine guards, lifting tables, packaging machines, palletizing and depalletising systems, automated guided vehicles (AGV‘s), theatre stages and many others. All Safety Bumpers of series HSB® meet the requirements for safety components according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
  • Trapped Key Interlocks

    HST® trapped key interlock systems from Haake are used to safely access hazardous areas in machines. Keys to open doors or flaps are only obtained when the danger has passed, the machine has come to a standstill, and the lock can be safely opened. HST from Haake is the only Trapped Key Interlocks that has been correctly certified straight out of the factory according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Annex X.
  • Safety light curtains

    Safety light curtains are used for body, hand or finger protection in machine-hazardous areas. It is a safe and contactless way of detection and because of the compact design it can be discretely integrated into your machines.
  • Safety Edges

    Safety edges are rubber safety edges from Haake that are used as edge protection on doors or moving machine parts. Unlike safety bumpers, safety edges are used in applications with a short braking distance up to approx. 40 mm. Select the type based on the braking distance and the type of mounting profile from the table below.
  • Machine safety using switching mats

    Safety mats

    By using safety mats from Haake , areas near or around the machine can be secured to ensure the safety of persons in the production facility. The safety mat works in accordance with the guidelines of DIN EN 292-1 and ensures that the machine stops immediately when entering a switching safety mat, so that people can stand or work safely in the vicinity of the machine. As long as a person remains on the mat, the machine switches off or cannot be started. Safety mats have an NC (normally closed) contact and therefore, unlike many other products on the market, do not need a special control unit for switching!