Proximity switches

Proximity switches, are divided into inductive sensors and capacitive sensors. Inductive sensors switch on metal objects, where capacitive sensors are used to detect non-metal objects.

Proximity switches: Inductive sensors from Sensor Partners

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  • Capacitive sensors

    Capacitive sensors

    Capacitive sensors are industrial sensors that are suited for level detection of liquids such as water and fuels in tanks or solid materials such as wood and granulates. This makes these sensors an exceptional fit for use in a wide variety of industries. The operation principle of this sensor - the capacitive field - enables the detection of full and empty levels ...
  • Inductive sensors

    Inductive sensors

    Inductive sensors only switch on magnetic metals. These have the advantage of not being sensitive to all other materials in the environment, such as wood, plastic or pollution, making detections extremely reliable. Unlike a mechanical switch, an inductive proximity switch is wear-free due to its non-contact operation. Inductive sensors work on the principle of change of inductance. This one…